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AirBNB Homeowners: Would You Like To Advertise Your Home Worldwide In A WOMAN'S WRESTLING Video?



And certainly a variation on I am a social media star, Give me a free place.

Now we have I am going to exploit women who have no experience of wrestling to encourage lots of men to view my content and rather than paying for a venue I am asking you to provide one for free.

Because of course men who watch this sort of porn like content are just going to be the sort of people who will want to come and stay at your place.


I’m surprised this post was even allowed. It’s solicitation. You not only have to give your place for free, you have to PAY to have this at your place. The videos are free to the public so the money has to come from somewhere, YOU! How much do hosts have to pay for this?


Yes it is exploitation and for the OP to claim it “can bring you more than $10,000 per month” is absurd.


Guess it was good for a laugh.


@cabinhost @jaquo @konacoconutz @JamJerrupSunset

To summarize: This guy wants you to pay him to open up your house for wrestling matches which will be filmed. The videos will be given away for free on Youtube. The viewers, after watching the videos, will somehow now want to book your place to stay in. And you all think this is a good idea? Am I missing something? This is one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve seen posted on here!



I am intrigued by the creative ways people look to use technology to make a dollar. I checked out your website, Instagram & twitter.

I see pay-per-view videos & subscription options.

Then what I see makes me uncomfortable: Plus fees to skype the contestants and meet & greet fees. The Russian connection with Rumble Metreskha plus fees to “sponsor a girl”. Stage names like Johnny Ringo & Carmella Ringo.

If there was filming at my condo, I can easily see one of my retiree neighbors being shocked, having a heart attack, then then her family suing me.

However a few of the retired gentlemen would probably be looking in the windows, observing everthing while announcing their outrage.


Yes, it’s exploitation on several fronts, which would ordinarily have me spluttering in outrage.
But it’s so patently ridiculously absurd, so absolutely off the wall, that it initially elicited some of the funniest responses I’ve seen in a while.


Yup… it was allowed to stay for the sheer (pardon the pun) entertainment value. Although I did appreciate the polite answers the op provided and that he or she allowed us to have a little fun and not get offended at our snark.

But then again, someone who pimps wrestlers out for a living probably has a fairly thick skin.


Or they could have a thick skull.


or answer (b)…


and they do this from forum to forum changing their pitch to suit the business of the forum eg “let me increase your sales of avocados by having us shoot a all female wrestling video on your avocado farm!”.


I should have known better! You guys were starting to worry me!


@Mike_L did you hear the one about he guy who thought they were taking the word “gullible” out of the dictionary?


it’s not April first, is it?




I will leave you with the words of our greatest president;


It’s not exploitation. I don’t hold a gun to any ladies head and ladies only wrestle (trust me!) when they want to do so. The only ladies that participate are ladies that enjoy it. And, why should myself and the ladies come advertise your house for free? We are looking for a win/win. You pay the way, we provide the advertising, you get a free lifetime advertisement and a lot of laughs and smiles.

But, it’s not exploitation. That would suggest our ladies are stupid, and can’t make decisions for themselves, and that is FAR from the case.


Annet, I don’t think any of that would happen at all. And, your explanations on what make you uncomfortable are unconvincing. Fans good through a vetting process, not an easy one, and yes I don’t have any “Russiaphobia”, nor do I unfairly group individuals with the actions of government actors.

All of you who think this is “silly” should look in the mirror. We are professionals, offering a unique service to help you guys advertise your home, and many of you are responding with extremely childish responses.

A little bit of trolling is fine if that’s all you got, but we truly have a neat thing here. Check our instagram for our new mat and divider setup we just put together today. It’s a unique thing and we are going places.


Okay that’s enough from you. You can’t use the forum to promote your events. So please take your promotions elsewhere.


Yes, probably a good idea to delete this thread as you all are making yourselves look really bad. Not anyone here I would do business with, so that is fine by me.

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