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AirBNB Homeowners: Would You Like To Advertise Your Home Worldwide In A WOMAN'S WRESTLING Video?


"If You Are Looking To Get More Customers Renting Your Place OR If You Simply Want To Show It Off For Fun And Do This For The Fun And Experience…Read On".

I’m working daily to make real women’s competitive mat wrestling more of a thing.

Unlike the guys and gals on TV, our primary offering at the Female Wrestling Channel is real and competitive mat wrestling.

Sports + Sexy.

You won’t see nuns on our wrestling mats. You are going to see young, beautiful women who are largely unskilled wrestling it out for real to see who the better woman is.

It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s competitive!

Despite this, we keep things safe and we have had very few injuries in the 6 years since we have started after doing literally hundreds of matches at this point.

What can I do for you, you might be thinking?

Nice thing is we have a unique setup no other female wrestling producer has in the world currently.

We have mats with our logos, big dividers that we can easily turn into a “set” anywhere we go, and we have beautiful ladies interested in trying this from all over the world that I have saved in my database.

It doesn’t take long to setup and start filming. We can do so quickly and swiftly.

I’m looking for those of you who have a UNIQUE home that you want to advertise that can bring you more than $10,000 per month in potential renter revenue.

I will find a couple of beautiful ladies to travel with me to your location, we will interview you, tell some stories about the home, show the ladies having fun there, and they will do a wrestling match right there on the spot as well.

This will be a new video series we create where the videos are COMPLETELY FREE to the public “sponsored by”…YOU.

Not only is this a lifetime advertisement, but a lot of our customers tend to be traveling business professionals (from all over the world, many choose to stay private) and chances are very good that you are going to get your investment back and more if you choose to give a free video to our customers and those who are interested.

(when we put a fully free full length video on Youtube, we generally get around 30,000 views within 1 week. We will have incentive to post your free full length video in as many places as possible, because unlike normal advertising mediums, we BOTH benefit!)

If interested, use the contact form on the Female Wrestling Channel to contact me at the link below and I will let you know all the ways I can benefit you through this:

(when I tried to post, it said I can’t put links here, so Google - The Female Wrestling Channel - and then go to our contact page to contact me, or simply click on my profile here and click the link to my website)

Replies go directly to me.

  • Ringo -


Who are your customers who would love to see ladies wrestling at my cabin?


I’m wondering what the people in the apartment directly below the rental would hear … and think???


I would imagine a ton. lol

Contact me if you want to discuss and see if this is a fit.


Hi Jaquo.

That’s one of a few reasons we are looking for homeowners. If anything was done in a place with multiple tenants we would clear things with everyone before putting out the expense and the trip.


We own our rentals but they are condos. One is downstairs and one upstairs. The upstairs one has a condo below it - not owned by us. So I guess we have no chance of entertaining female wrestlers, then?


Wait. so you “imagine” you’d have a ton of customers…which means you don’t really have a market. Look…I saw those girls wrestling and I used take big guys out when wrestling. I know you are only looking for sexy and young now - but this big girl will take down any of those floozies. They may suffocate from my large breasts. I would even be willing to lose a few pounds for comparable weight. Set it up in the backyard next to the horseshoe pits. Would you be interested?


Your offer hits me in a very special way. As an eighties girl, I only had a big brother. So I was always the “test subject” of any new wrestling move. Remember the move when someone crossed your legs and held you down? That was horrible. But…the clothesline move was the worst.

Basically, holding out your arm after your sibling comes charging at you.
Then the sibling got flung back and cried to mama? Well…I once had my sibling come after me and all I did was lift my leg up, and then my foot just “happened” to hit him in the throat and he couldn’t breathe. Guess what…he never tried that one again…

But we did used to have Rick Flair wars, versus the Rock and Roll express, and the Four Horseman. All good fun till someone gets hurt…


This is awesome. I was just looking for a new way to market my place as summer in Hawaii is slow. Female wrestlers will even bring back the tourists who are afraid of the volcano!


@femalewrestling - Please let us know if you have lava volcano action going on in the background of the female wrestling. Will definitely help with those owners in Hawaii now trying to get new people to come! The lava flow needs to look authentic though, just not fake pics of fire on a computer screen.


Probably not a good idea unless you clear it with them. It would have to be a nice condo for us to consider.


I’m gay but I have a lesbian couple coming to stay in August. I’ll ask, perhaps they will be interested. I can add it as an AirBnB Experience. :japanese_goblin:


As long as the cabin is unique and has some appeal, I’m sure people would rent it from you.

As for people watching, yes “tons” of people will watch (I provided sample numbers in my first posting) especially considering the video is free.

If you want to take on some of the ladies, sure we can discuss. We have wrestling rules you would have to follow. If you are serious about things, simply contact me through my site. If not, this will be my last reply to you and I wish you good luck on your AirBNB business.


Oh great idea! Air experience. I would like to get in on that. Much more interesting than teaching guests outrigger paddling or showing them how to cut a pineapple or open a coconut. Those were my three other ideas.


Sounds good. Gay or not, the purpose of purchasing the video advertisement and matchup would be to get more people renting your place OR for the experience or to promote another business you own.

Everything has to be approved beforehand.


I might pass. i had some female jelly wrestlers stay last Spring Break and I’m still finding jelly in strange cracks.


Absolutely I have a unique place. Why else would I have been intrigued by your post? Here is my place below if you click. People can wrestle from the outside waterfall, do stunts down the backyard zipline, and then catch it all on my private home theater room


Lots of people would love to go to Hawaii. As someone who has never been there who is interested, an advertisement like we are doing would really help you stand apart. And, if it works, it’s something we can do multiple times.


That would be messy indeed. No jelly or mud here. Really clean mats and set up. Every place I go I leave the same as I found it.


I have actually had many people proposition me for filming in the cabin. I was always hesitant due to insurance issues, but I have no doubt my partner would love to brag to his friends that a porno was filmed at the cabin…lol. Can I blame him? :joy:

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