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Airbnb & Homeaway calendars syncing only partially

I’ve used the Airbnb & Homeaway calendar sync for a few months now. I just noticed one of my Homeaway reservations is 6 days long and yet it shows blocked on the property’s Airbnb calendar only for the last 4 of the 6 days. So the calendar sync seems to have worked, but only partially. Why is this happening? Has anyone else had such issues and if so how were you able to address them? Is there a phone number or email at Airbnb and Homeaway I can reach out to with technical and website issues such as this one?

Try deleting the calendar link then resetting it. Seems to have worked for me.

Thanks @hypertokyo! I gave what you suggested a shot and so far it worked, but the issue was a bit random and only for one reservation so it’s hard to say if deleting and resetting worked or if it was just a fluke that still may or may not repeat in the future. When you say it seems to have worked for you… did you have the exact same problem? Your HomeAway reservation showed up on Airbnb’s synced calendar, but only partially for some and not all of the days?

Actually I had the reverse problem. Good to know your one cleared up.

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