Airbnb having issues sending out emails etc

normally we get an email along with every message and booking, as well as an update to my smartlocks, but that is down at the moment…

They are aware of the issue apparently.

It really sucks when the site is down or seizing. I started writing down the phone number of guests due to the site sometimes being down. And I check my email repeatedly through the day because the app lags so bad. I also message guests to text me if it’s time sensitive issues.

They must have a big change going on given all the problems lately.

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the problem i reported is now resolved

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I created a folder on my desktop for each guest with check in date. I download the entire reservation as a pdf and put it in the folder so that I have a complete record of how to contact the guest.


Yeah, I have way too many guests with short visits to do that. I’m averaging 15-20 different guests a month.

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I always print the reservation detail out, put it in a stack in arrival order, add it to my excel business record file, and add the phone number to my phone contacts asap. When they leave the paper is filed.

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Same here. I just make it part of the reservation process. I make guests send me a lot of info to.