Airbnb has Unconscious bias towards the host

Do you know of other listing companies that offer this @Brian_R170?

And Airbnb outsource their photo ID verification service.

I think that one reason hosts may be shocked! shocked! at a first negative experience that Airbnb isn’t taking better care of them is that they are buying into all the Airbnb gauzy feels about sharing and how important hosts are.
I don’t think less of hosts who get taken in; Airbnb is good at hype and PR, as any successful and profitable company is. That’s why this forum is so useful in providing reality-based advice and education.


I think you hit the nail on the head! :face_with_head_bandage:

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Apologies for the late response. It was one of her first bookings and she was keen on filling the place. Not like she really needs the money but wanted to succeed. Lesson learned…

Oh dear @MaryJO I hope it hasn’t put her off :grimacing:

Oh No she is still at it strong. Likes the $$ too much lol.