Airbnb has tripled its service fee to hosts!

Hi folks,

Just noticed a huge hike in the service fee airbnb charges hosts. Check it out:

It looks like you are searching as a guest. They charge both the host and the guest - a different amount for each.

You would need to see what they are taking OFF what someone is paying you to host.


Yep. If you do a search as a guest you will see the fees a guest pays. My invoices are still showing a fee of 3%.


My poor guests in Chicago pay a 30% tax and service fee!

I am paying 11% to VRBO as a host!

Phoenix is painful, too… at the same time I’m glad Air remits occupancy taxes on my behalf. It was also a huge selling point for allowing Air to set up shop here and codify the right to sublease/vacation rent into law. And since all travelers to the city get hit by the same thing and we’re an overall cheap city it ain’t so bad.

Airbnb charges guest fees of between 6 and 12%. In your case it’s 12%: 0.12 * $721 = $86. This has been the case for a long time, nothing has changed :slight_smile:

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