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AIRBNB has removed guests' Airbnb Emil addresses!

Message to Airbnb: Why the removal of our guests’ Airbnb email address? You need to bring that back-and pronto. Not every guest is tech-savvy. They may not have their phone charged when they arrive at our property. Some guests like to print out the check-in instructions we send to them in an email, so they always have it (and we encourage it). Plus we provide a video attachment showing how to get into our property which we cannot do through the message thread. Airbnb is making it harder to be a host. NOT COOL

You just need to go and opt-in to email with them. You have to agree to not use the email for nefarious purposes and then you’ll get access to email again. They sent out an email (irony!) about it a couple of months ago.

Go to Profile --> Account --> Professional Hosting Tools --> Email Attestation.



May 28, 2020

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@jjd & jumoe - nice heads-up. Thanks!


Well that’s ridiculous, I’ve sent guests event information, maps, etc. Airbnb is so good at asking guests negatively-worded review prompts, why can’t they just say here “I attest that I will not use the email to send guests attached documents to facilitate off-platform, private or non-Airbnb bookings for stays or experiences.”

Ha ha! I always read their emails,

But having said that, I was having issues a couple of months ago with iCloud and disappearing email data, so that makes sense now. Thanks!

I never even looked under there – because it says “…if you manage several properties…” Since I only have one property I didn’t bother looking.

@ballyhoo Supposedly you can now attach things to Airbnb messages. I haven’t checked it out yet, because I’m still not hosting my home share due to COVID.

I’ve always had to email my guests a hand drawn map to my place, which is very hard to find the first time, and used that coded email address. But half the time the guest said the email came through, but without the attachment, so I often just asked them for their actual email address. None balked at sharing that at all, as I told them why I needed it and I also sent them my email address.

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