Airbnb has rearranged the order of reviews from guests

Hi folks,

I noticed that the Airbnb reviews by guests for my listing had been arranged, seemingly so that the most recent reviews included one from each month. I.e. the most recent 4 reviews are (in order) from February, January, December, and November. Does anyone have any idea why this was done, and is anyone seeing this anywhere else?

UPDATE: It turns out that this piece of weirdness only manifests itself if I’m logged in. So it’s possible that other people just see it in the normal order. In my case, the 6 most recent reviews are for March, and are labelled accordingly. Can anyone confirm?
And should I report this?

Mine are still in the order received, except foreign language reviews are still at the end.

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Mine have been rearranged too, but there doesn’t seem to be any logical order to how they’ve been arranged. I first noticed it a couple weeks ago when I got a less than 5 star review. I thought Air was doing me a favor by sending the review to the end of the list, but since then it seems that some new and some old reviews have just been rearranged randomly.


Is the arrangement of reviews public or private? As I mentioned above, the rearrangement I’ve been seeing, and am still currently seeing, is private, in the sense that I can see it if I’m logged on, but if I am not, I see the reviews in the normal order.

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We recently had our glowing 5 star review placed on page 13 of our mostly positive reviews and the undeserved damming review from our previous guest left on the top. After much effort to speak with an employee, we were told that ordering is based on ethnic/country group. After pointing out this is inconsistent with their non discrimination policy we were told that reviews are order by what is considered by Airbnb to be most useful to guests! We were then told it is according to the first language listed by the guest as speaking - our recent guest was from India, having moved to Australia - he and his partner spoke and wrote their review in perfect English.

My reviews seem to be in chronological order, but the YEAR is missing. This is annoying and unhelpful.

As far as I know, English is one of the two main official languages in India, and as its main working language, used by more Indians than the population of the UK if not the US.
Don’t the smart folk at Airbnb know this?!

My reviews are back in chronological order today.