Airbnb has LOTS of bugs in their system

Lately it’s been very strange with my listings in Airbnb.
I have at least 3 times already cancelling reservation because the “weekend pricing” was not activated though in my listing it indicated the proper weekend price. But in search result it’s the regular weekdays price. When I call they cancel without penalties but saying that’s was the first time they see anything like that.

None of my listing are visible if I put more than 27 days.
And I know it’s the same story with other listings as I see them on VRBO available but not on Airbnb.

The latest glitch is : when I do search 2 weeks or less my IB listing show, but when I do 3 weeks or more they don’t show. They show only in non IB listings. How weird!

Anyone else has the same problem. The funny thing that nothing is being done about it by Airbnb at all . And every time I call they say they NEVER heard of anything like that and I am the only person with this problem.

I have had the weekend pricing not working. Only on one weekend at a time - every other weekend dates populated properly.

Hi @Yana,

It sounds like you are doing more research on this than most. I suspect that (a) those bugs are real and (b) few people are checking carefully enough to find them. So the Airbnb reps might be telling the truth when they say “they NEVER heard of anything like that and I am the only person with this problem”, though a more accurate version would be “few enough people have reported these problems that we feel comfortable ignoring them”.

If I can summon up the energy, I might try to reproduce the bugs. Though I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “put more than 27 days” and “search 2 weeks or less”. Also, I am not using IB.

Why do you mean you can try to reproduce the bugs?
You sound like I am on purpose created the problem for myself .
If you put in search dates for example October 12-November 12 my listings don’t show up. If you put Oct. 12-November 8, then they show up . 27 days or less .

No , it’s not like I am
Doing more research than most . I always check from now and then to see what’s out there . I am sure most hosts do the same . And I ve been doing exact thing for 2.5 years. I never had this problem before.

Considering how Airbnb feels about bugs in our homes they really should address this :joy:

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I don’t understand what you mean. I never intended to say any such thing.

The simple solution to everyone’s automatic pricing problems is to stop using the AirBnb automatic pricing tools, and simply manually enter the prices you want for specific days of the week. I do my calendar a year at a time and it takes me less than an hour to go through each month and apply my process for weekdays, and my prices for weekends and holidays.

Surely “getting it right” is worth an hour of your time. Look how much time you’ve spent stressing out over the issue, bringing it here, and responding to people about it.

Automation is generally good. But only as long as you can rely on it. My limited experience with Airbnb has taught me that I can’t rely on their automation tools.

Don’t worry about my time or my stress level, I can perfectly manage it . I posted because I wanted others to know that this bug exist and that they need to be aware of it.
Now I know , if I knew that would happened before I would manually do so , but I did not know. See why I did not do it manually??
It besides the point , there is a bug and it should be fixed

I think i don’t understand also what you meant. I tried reread your answer several times but due to my English as second language and how you frase everything I have a hard time understanding you at times, not only this time. :thinking:

Yes, I have the same problem. I reported it to Air and went back and forth for about 2-3 weeks before saying that they couldn’t replicate the issue and were letting it go.

There are bugs for sure, but when they deny it they can’t fix them.

They fixed the under 27 days issue but there are a bunch of other little bugs.

As a software developer, when someone reports a “bug” or “error” in my system, I try to make it happen on demand, or “reproduce the bug”. Once I can make the “bug” or “error” happen, then I can fix it.
I think faheem was saying that if he has time, he may play with airbnb and see if he can make the “bugs” or “errors” happen for him.


Yes, exactly. And of course.

Agree with @jumoe, it’s ‘techspeak’ and could potentially even confuse native English-speakers.

It’s really not such obscure terminology.

It was very confusing. If a person not a tech person it’s impossible to understand what you meant . That’s why was my reaction.