Airbnb Guideline for Reviews - Funny and so very true!

I found this posted on an Airbnb FB page. Really sums it up but maybe too long.

The Airbnb Guidelines For Reviews:

Here is a quick rundown on how the review system for Airbnb works.

5⭐️=Just as described (or better).
4⭐️=Not as described, it was just “OK”.
3⭐️=What a dump.
2⭐️=This host should be in jail.
1⭐️=Bulldoze the place

Location Rating:
5⭐️=I can read a map & the location was just as described on the map.
4⭐️=I can’t read the map, the place was in the wrong location.
3⭐️=I never found the place
2⭐️=I didn’t read the description.
1⭐️=I forgot how to read a map.

Value Rating:
5⭐️=The price was as described.
4⭐️=I didn’t read description.
3⭐️=I skipped that part of the listing.
2⭐️=I’m a total cheapskate.
1⭐️=I’d rather be couch surfing.


@GutHend had a wonderful write up about this in this thread (a few posts in) and I think a few of us have used his star list. It is priceless :joy: