Airbnb guests destroyed my apartment lock

My Airbnb guests basically destroyed my apartment lock.

Of course no problem has ever arisen with this lock in years but they are absolutely not at fault and it has nothing to do with how they handelnd the door…

Now I have to call a locksmith to change the lock.

Of course they did it on Sunday and of course they insist on only being back at nighttime to make it extra expensive.

I already blindly sent these guests 100 € because they claimed some sheets were dirty and they needed to buy new ones.

I guess I have to pay the whole thing because I cannot prove they did anything wrong?

Is there some sarcasm in this post? Its actually very difficult to tell and as you’re not a regular poster I feel I might be missing something you’re trying to convey.

You sent guests 100 dollars to buy new sheets?


Yes, there is definitely a lot of sarcasm in my post.
I sent them the cleaning fee + some money, 100 €, all in all because I cannot confirm how dirty they are, I cannot imagine what could’ve went wrong and I don’t want to get a bad rating.

The next day the guest wrote me she bought new stuff demanding even more money and complaining that the 100 € are ‘still’ not on the bank account…

I politely told the guest that the 100 € should cover for any expenses she could’ve had.

A few days later the guest tells me they wrecked my lock and I should ‘understand that these are my expenses’ (regarding the lock).

Newest development is that the guests don’t want to tell me when they are back at the apartment and telling me I should just ‘show up’ to the locksmith myself although I’m in a different country.

NOT being able to “imagine what could’ve gone wrong and I don’t want to get a bad rating.” IS NOT A VALID REASON

    Never “pay back” the Cleaning Fee! What were you thinking?? You still have to clean up after these guests – that’s what the fee is for.
    WHY did you not just take them clean bedding??
  3. Who the heck spends $100 or €100 on sheets!!! For that kind of money you could have driven half-way across most European countries to deliver brand new sheets, and still have money leftover!!!
  4. Were any of these "conversations through the AirBnb messaging system – AS THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN?
  5. Why in the name of everything logical, do you NOT have a local “minder” for your property in a foreign country? Are you totally daft?

Call AirBnb and explain that you’ve F’d up, and what is going on and that you are not comfortable with them there!


I couldn’t agree more with you Ken. Such wise words. ( No sarcasm)

I don’t have a rating yet and any guest I house could be my very first rating, that’s why I bent.
She also claims there was something on sheets and towels, 3 people…and it was in the late evening so yes, that’s that.

Yeah I’m just in a different country for 4 days out of 356 and of course this HAS to happen. Just has to.

Of course everything went through the Airbnb messaging system.

I heard Airbnb is always on the side of the guest, what are they going to do if I tell them I’m uncomfortable with them?

But Ken I couldn’t agree with you more please hit me over the head with something very heavy.

(I’m already in contact with airbnb.)