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Airbnb guest is different to Airbnb profile

I had a last minute instant book booking. I’ve had quite a few before and they’ve all been good experiences. This one though got off to a challenging start in that the (American), Airbnb account holder used his account and ID to book for his son who did not have an account. The son was 21, coming on his own for six nights.

Assuming Airbnb is largely built on trust, ie, that the person booking is the one who is coming to stay, I was a little put out by this. Being an instant booking I had little choice apart from cancelling.

The son came to stay and all in all it went well.

I have now been left a review, written by the son/father - who knows? Reviewing back would entail leaving a review for someone using another’s account which seems to make a mockery of the whole thing.
Any thoughts or similar experiences out there?

Booking for another party other than the account holder is against the TOS. I would go ahead and leave an honest review. Say it went well but that the one who stayed was not the one who booked. Most hosts want to know this. If the review of you is bad (probably not likely), you can ask Air to remove it based on the information that the person who stayed was not the one who booked.

My sons are about to turn 21 in a couple of days. I know they are responsible and respectful – but not all 21 yo are!!!


You can ask Airbnb to remove the review. They will tell you not to leave a review. I’ve had a third party booking twice in the month and a bit I’ve been hosting. I got my second one cancelled without penalty.

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