Airbnb guest filing a claim for food stamps

I had a very difficult guest 5/4/2016 he was very disappointed when asked extension and I denied
because I saw something fishy in his personality.I accepted a 14 days extension to help him get in his feet because I was supporting with rides,free uber and feeding him but I could not do that too long ,he requested the airbnb and I return cash 50 out of 244 he paid,plus in the extension he jumped a day so he got a free day.He made a huge drama with police and other airbnb guests all his drama was to cancel the reservation and planning to stay free waiting for evictiom but he ended just walking away with 50 cash I reimbursed for airbnb fee.He called airbnb with a big report of substandards that he did not mention when asking for extension.Airbnb cancelled my account telling me I was in violation of cleaness.I found in hi room a claim he made in my address without my permission for Good assistance using another name very close to his name but different.I have case number and his info.I called airbnb to reconsider my account and they supported him ignoring me.
My account was closed and my reservations cancelled I asked help to Brian Chesky the CEO but not answer.
Means airbnb credited a homeless mannusing airbnb to get government money after paying for a room?? weird but true?

can someone rent in airbnb file a claim for food assistance and monetary help get the money and walk away?? I do not think so

So did you leave him a bad review? :neutral_face:

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yes because he left a bad review about cleaness after he requested extension and I denied.
Airbnb cancelled my reservations and did not answer anymore my calls and besides that I had aanother guest who had accident and airbnb did nothing about it and I kept the guest supporting non payment for 3 days and helping because she can not move thanks God I asked medical assistance and they took over.Very bad experience

Where do you host? How many people had you hosted prior to this encounter?

Hmmm…I typically don’t rent to homeless people.


All manner of strangeness can come about if someone begins to use your address.

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