AirBnB guest fees - did they just go up?

All - Is there anywhere to see what the AirBnB guest fee was for prior bookings? I just sent a Special Offer to a guest, and noticed the AirBnB guest fee was 12% on over $3000! I could swear it used to be lower on our property, but I can’t find any old data to prove that.

Edited to add -
After I sent the offer, my Inbox shows a different guest fee that’s only 6% (the rate is $3150 so they pay $184)
special offer

Anyone know which is right? 6%? 12%?

Last time I tried to do a special offer it was very confusing re: price they pay and price I get. Couldn’t work it out

I agree it is very confusing. I price in CHF and make my offer in CHF but if the guests are searching in Euros , it show me a guest price in Euros. impossible to fathom it. Particularly as Air is not transparent about exchange rates

Airbnb doesn’t release an official notice about the numbers?