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Airbnb Group reviews

I thought there was a thread here already about group reviews. But I don’t see it. So why is Air asking me to review John’s group? Isn’t is just going to show up under John’s profile?

Why doesn’t it just ask me to review John? Didn’t I read something before that everyone in John’s group would be able to review me?? But wouldn’t they each need an account?

When Airbnb asks you for a group review; the review shows on the profile of every guest.

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Okay…I finally found the article I had read before. This is an excerpt:

Airbnb says that 75% of trips made on the service are reviewed, but despite the fact that two-thirds of trips are made with two or more guests, only the person who made the booking is able to write a review. Now the platform supports multi-party reviews. The host will be able to write a review that applies to everyone in a group, and individual guests will be able to write reviews of their own.

If one of the guests don’t have an Airbnb account yet, their review will be tied to their email address. That way if they ever do decide to sign up for an account, they’ll already have a review (or several). For someone who is always a guest and never the one booking, that means he or she can start building a reputation on service, good or bad, even before having their own account."

Ok…I am waiting for my 4 reviews from the group who checked out yesterday. Where are they dammit?!..lol.

I wonder if each member has to have an active account, or if they can write one now, and then once they have an active account - it will show under my side?? Does that makes sense? You would think that part would work both ways…

I believe you answered your own question in your earlier post:
“If one of the guests doesn’t have an Airbnb account yet, their review will be tied to their email address. That way if they ever do decide to sign up for an account, they’ll already have a review (or several). For someone who is always a guest and never the one booking, that means he or she can start building a reputation on service, good or bad, even before having their own account.”

What isn’t quite making sense to me - won’t it look odd if the review mentions someone else’s name?? Or I guess there might be some sort of symbol saying the review is part of a group review?

For example if you are part of the group and your name is Larry. And then later you create an account and a review pops up under your name saying “John and his friends were a great group.” - I suppose hosts will assume you previously stayed somewhere and John was your friend.

Has anyone left a review as a group member with no account? Or have you had a group member leave you a review?

I just hate how I get all these notes left behind saying “we had a great stay”, “this is our best AirBnB experience yet.”, “We’re leaving you a great review!!!”, and then crickets on the Air platform. Ugh!


Oh this is interesting - I was wondering why the language of the request to review had changed to “group”. As a host I’d really rather not have reviews written by every member since my communication & rapport have developed with the booking guest. (I often don’t meet my guests since they have a private entrance).

I understand guests wanting reviews even if they aren’t the booker, though.

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I think it would also be very confusing, since different members of the group could have different experiences. John Doe might be the booker and he had an expectation that such-and-such would be available, and he was disappointed with the listing. Jane Doe might have just loved the view. Mr. Smith thought the location was terrible and Mrs. Smith thought the place was shabby.

You could end up with 4 mixed ratings, or even worse, 4 concentrated low ratings with the same complaint. That would mess up your reviews pretty fast since the idle reader may not realize that 4 people are describing the same exact timeframe.

That’s a good point too! I really prefer to have all group members arrive at the same time…although I can’t force it, if it’s groups arriving in separate cars.

But I don’t like it when the non- booking members show up first, get the tour…and then the booking member may not show up until the following day. Of course their first impression of the home is however the first group is living…lol.

And usually only the booker has actually read the listing.

My husband has never read a listing for the 10 Airbnbs we’ve stayed at. As he walks around and complains, “there’s dog hair on the couch,” I respond, “yes the owner has a dog and the place is pet friendly. But this unit was the closest to the beach and a very good rate compared to others, etc”. You usually have no sense of value or accuracy if you weren’t the one searching & booking the unit.


Yes!! Four people complaining the internet went out for a day, etc. OF course Air would probably say “Oh but it also gives you the opportunity to receive four glowing reviews too.”

Well if I start receiving strange reviews in the future, then I don’t know if I will be able to connect the person to a former group? I am too lazy to call Air. The reps never know the answer anyway. At least not when it is something new.

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Very true. And especially the value part too. If you are a “member” of the group but didn’t put any money down, then you may have a completely different viewpoint than someone who forked over $600.00

Kind of like those people who give low value on the cheap places that give a bottle of wine, all kinds of complimentary goodies, etc. They don’t appreciate any of it.

The review for any guest who was not the guest who booked says the following at the bottom:

This review was for a group trip booked by XXXX.

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That’s good to know!

Any idea when I would see the review as a host? Would the guest of booker have to first create an official account?

My experience is with two guests who both had accounts. Only one of them left me a review. Yes, the guest(s) of the booker would have to create an account to be able to write a review.

Thanks. OK…I see. It’s all finally coming together.

This helps Air to get more possible “future” guests to already meet the qualification of being host “recommended.” So when the person does decide to create their own account, then if they are already connected to a good review, and “recommended” by the host…then they will meet that criteria.

I really would hate to be traveling with one jerk in the group, that would suck. For example, if I was the guest of the booker, but the booker was the one who wouldn’t get up on time to be ready to leave at check out - and then host left a negative review. That review would follow me around, even I was urging the booker to get his ass up out of bed…lol

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