Airbnb give details to Irish tax inspectors

Airbnb handed over all the details of its 12,000 hosts in Ireland to the revenue collectors.

You can rent out a room in your home for 12,000 tax free but it was decided short term accommodation is not part of that.

I can see Airbnb disappearing in Ireland, as they did not collect the tax so it had to be done by self assessment.

The tax rate I believe is 49% or in and around that. Thankfully i use other platforms as knew this was going to come and backed away from airbnb a good while ago.

A person listing a room to help keep a roof over their head has to pay half away. Starbucks paid €45 in tax in ireland for the whole year. Yes you read that correctly and facebook, google, apple just as bad.

If someone fancies setting up a new corporate Ireland is the place to be.


What sort of tax are you referring to? The tax-free room rental thing presumably means income tax. The tax that Airbnb collects (in some areas and not all) is the TOT. With the TOT, hosts are supposed to pay it direct to the taxman if Airbnb don’t collect it from the guest.

Self-assessment relates to the tax you pay on your personal income @jaquo

I can see why the Irish government would want to exclude STRs from the rent a room scheme @cassid as this was designed to free up accommodation for local people living, studying and working in an area. Being able to use it for STRs as in the UK was a loophole they understandably want to close.

I don’t know enough about personal tax laws in Ireland to know if there is a 49% tax rate on all income (that would seemly hugely high), as it’s a long time since I worked there.

However I seem to remember you could earn about £10,000 euros before you get taxed at all and then there is a sliding scale of increases depending on how much you earn.

To honest I don’t think this will stop people from using STRs for rooms in their homes.

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Did they send out an e-mail advising about that prior? I can see the Costan Rican gov asking for something like …

The tax rate is ridiculous high for renting a room. There is a meeting next week to advise people what they need to do.
The problem happened when Air got greedy and moved to full house rentals, then landlords took normal rental houses off the market to workers/students and gave over to guests. More money for landlords.

But there is no separation between someone who lists a room for 30 a night to a house for 3,000. I love the concept of Air but they are the making of their own destruction.

Air puts the full tax liability on hosts which is not what the majority of irish people are used to. Tax is deducted from your salary and already added on to prices on items. Now people will be hit with a tax bill for guests who never paid tax in the first place.

Will keep you posted as other regions/countries may be watching to see how it develops.

I think Air gets blamed for a lot, our government also had a social housing policy, then it stopped but it was then Airs fault people have no where to live. I live in Dublin and i could not afford to buy my house, its 3/4 million. We dont build up in Ireland so a major city would be prime real estate and this and no social housing has caused the problems not Air but lets blame the big horrible corporate instead.

You got that well and good in the bag. AirBizb should have gone into bat with the Irish Tax Mob from the very start and work out a guest/user pay as you book system. Greed factor per se is a tad upon all sides and so people need to sit at a table and work out what is fair for all.