Airbnb Friendly Condos in San Diego

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I am planning a move to San Diego in the coming months and I’m looking to purchase a condo somewhere downtown. I use Airbnb to help offset rent at my current place and I’d love to continue doing so in my new home. I was wondering if anyone in the San Diego community had suggestions around which building complexes were friendly to Airbnb hosts? Any suggestions or resources that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The laws vary widely between the city of San Diego and the county. We were in north county San Diego and hosted on Airbnb for 4 years 2010-14 until our HOA changed the rules and we had to cease.
You’d be best to try to connect with local host groups, try meet-up.
You can also talk to the local councils and government agencies for the exact area you are looking at.
You can also talk to a few realtors although some will say anything to make a sale.
Finally, read those cc&r’s and rules before you buy.
If you’re planning to rent be sure it’s not prohibited by your lease.
Good luck but I wouldn’t count on Airbnb income to afford your home.


Thank you for the thorough and informative response @Maggieroni. We will keep that info in mind as we look for our new home. Thanks again!

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Would you be doing a stand-alone place or a shared place?

Maggie is right. Counting on Air income isn’t smart. So many fluctuations in bookings can happen. If I were you I’d find a place you like first, then research the area, every town has its ordinances and so many are cracking down hard. Don’t trust the realtor if they tell you it’s allowed. Get a copy of their HOA before you buy just to make sure.

Found this one, there are others as well,

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@Jpandl did you ever make it to SD? I’m looking into this topic as well. Best regards!

If you’re looking to purchase an AirBNB in SD I’d advise against it. There’s a lot happening in “coastal towns” right now in regards to STR legislation and San Diego is one of those affected cities. Coronado has already banned them outright, the city of Temecula is in the process of doing the same. At one point SD had voted to ban them, but it somehow got overturned. Regardless, I’d wait until things settle before making a purchase.

@MelissaMH, thanks, I appreciate you. And that was the first I heard about Temecula, which has some really good revenues focused on wine tourism. It will be interesting to see what happens, as a realtor and investor in the area.

Ya, we actually live in San Diego but own an STR property up in Temecula wine country (which is outside of city limits), and thus governed by Riverside County where STRs are allowed. So a small part of me is hoping they decide against STRs in town (or at least put more regulations in place.

We purchased there not only for ourselves, but you can still get a good piece of property (ours is just under 5 acres) with a small house but an incredible view for under $1M. We also did research on the town itself and learned that there are currently 50ish wineries, but plans/permits for an additional 50 in the next few years. There are also plans for bigger hotels, resorts, etc. AND there was something like 5700 weddings in town/wine country last year! All that said, we’re still only booking weekends (about 3.5 months into renting this one), but are hopeful that it will keep growing and getting busier.

Sounds great! Do you have a pool? A STR manager in my networking group was selling me on a Temecula STR with a pool, with a 100k annual gross revenue. She was telling me the peek season is longer than coastal areas too.

We do - we just added it (happy to PM you the link if you just want to take a look) but we only sleep up to 7. This is MUCH different than the rest of wine country, where the average count is more like 15-20.

I’d also be happy to take a look at the one they’re trying to sell you on to give you context on its location and how it compares to others in the area.

But yes, from what I hear there’s a lull in January and part of February but then it’s pretty busy the rest of the year. Peak is still summer.

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Parking will be your biggest issue. Lived in Baja La Jolla (North PB/South La Jolla) for 14 years. The rules may break you.

Check the condo association rules.
Check with the Downtown Alliance, they’ll have a good idea, too
Find a roommate. Easier on your home.

I have a friend who has a condo in Bay Ho in upper Pacific Beach. She uses it as an airbnb/vrbo/corporate rental and is doing very well. I can possibly FB intro you if she gives me permission. PM me.