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Airbnb for Work: who has experience hosting these situations?



Have a pending reservation covering 2 of my busiest weeks of the year. The booker is not the guest- it’s an Airbnb for Work arrangement. I consulted with Airbnb on this and they were reassuring that it was above board, but kind of devoid on information regarding who to communicate with, who is responsible for the deposit, reviews, etc.

What are peoples experiences with Airbnb for Work?


Not with this specific kind of allowable third party booking but all my experiences with people who tell me in a message they are coming for work/on business have been great.


I imagine that for work is no problem. The only thing that had me curious, aside from not having one of these 3rd party reservations previously, is that it is a 2 week booking over some of my busiest holiday vacation times (last week of June/first week of July).


I’m sure you had your prices adjusted accordingly so if they are willing to pay holiday rates then great. I’d sit back and enjoy my single business traveler instead of holiday revelers.

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I deal with workers all the time. They are my favourite guests. Ussualy a secretary or manager books for them .
Most times they don’t leave any reviews as they can’t be bothered…too busy. Ussualy nothing else a broken …but don’t expect it to be kept very clean at the end . But that’s what I have cleaners for.
My workers in most cases extend …they pay top dollar and rarely negotiate
I hosted companies from oversees and all of them were great. My present guests booked for 17 days in a very begining of March and keep extending and they are still there .


I love contractors, they leave the house at the crack of dawn and when they get home are tired so usually just have a meal, shower and then go to bed. No trouble at all.

There’s a big road bypass project just started here and one guy has already booked my single room Mon-Fri for the next 2.5 years (direct arrangement). He says once it gets under way there will be loads of travelling contractors from away so I am hoping I can fill my 2 doubles and twin rooms with 4 other guys on the same terms.

Guaranteed rental over the Winter months, don’t have to worry about 5* bllimin ratings and still have weekends free for tourists via AirBNB.

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Considering that we are in a tourist area, we get a lot of guests who are here for work. Yes, they are great guests who are out for most of the day. I also have guests sometimes who are working on theatre productions locally and they are out in the evenings too.

I like having writers also as they come here for the quiet so that they can work so they are super quiet themselves. I love that.

Just communicate with them pre-stay in the message system as you generally do. It’s a good idea before they come to let them know that they are your first guest who is staying with you for work reasons and therefore you’d be interested to know if there’s anything in particular they require to make their stay a fantastic one.

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Thanks for all the input. Just to clarify this is less about people coming here to work but more a specific program run by Airbnb called “Airbnb for Work” where a 3rd party reserves a property for employee(s) who do not make the reservation. It was a suspect reservation, included a hold on my place for a very busy 2 week period while certain information was needing to be confirmed. I called Airbnb and let them know that the reservation needed to be voided if it wasn’t fully confirmed within 12 hours, as I could not risk missing other reservations for these busy dates that are only 5 weeks away. They obliged. The “guest” or whoever needed to submit additional information did not submit what was needed and the reservation disappeared from my calendar at about midnight last night (12 hours).

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I had that a couple of years ago - the guest was coming from Finland. It was eventually sorted out (whether the problem was to do with her being overseas, I don’t know) and she since been back twice :slight_smile:

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My advice would be to not rush getting rid of inquires like this. With these kind of guests you might be in for a very nice surprise . They do have a tendency to extend. I had companies staying as long as 8 months .They booked originally only for 10 days and kept on extending .
Airbnb created this 3rd party for work as it’s always a company who books for it’s employees . It’s the same thing as we described.


Yeah, I hear ya. I can see how it would be a desirable booking to land for the reasons you outline. But the kind CS folks at Airbnb were oddly unable to provide me much help around how this program worked, and what time window they had to confirm details and lock in the booking. Under the circumstances, and with the clock ticking on getting the dates booked, I was hesitant to wait in limbo for an indefinite amount of time with no assurance that the guest/company would end up following through with the reservation. Good to know others have had positive experiences in the past, I’ll give the benefit of the doubt next time.


You said it was 5 weeks into the future?
Sometimes it’s the verification that is missing .
These guests are ussualy quite busy and don’t communicate well at times . But then it goes through I am used to this behaviour already, usually it’s very last minute booking …sometimes even same day .
I don’t remember any company booking so far into the future as 5 week’s .
You probably got someone on line who just got a job with Air so they couldn’t even explain to you properly . Good luck next time !


My god . .that is some arrangement …good job!

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