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Airbnb for parking and storage


My name Is Austin and I am the founder of Silofi.com. We have created an innovative peer to peer market place for storage and parking. We are built on the same concept of companies such as Airbnb and Uber with the idea that individuals should have more options to utilize their dormant assets. Our goal is to create easier and more affordable storage and parking options.

The idea for Silofi.com came to me while trying to find a place to store my things. The only options available were storage units miles away from my house. I thought that it would be great if I could find a place to store my things in my neighborhood. I quickly went to work to try and solve this problem. I developed a peer to peer market place that allows people to rent out their extra space for storage.

It is free to sign up for Silofi and all payments are conducted online just enter your banking details, or connect your paypal. Individuals can post any storage option that they can think of. Post drive way space, garage space, basement space, parking space or even dock space! Sign up at Silofi.com and start renting out your extra space.

Please reach out to me if you need help posting, or have any questions.

Thank you,



Oh yes @aubarr , we have had a few people post with similar apps in the last few months.

Just had a look to see what you had in London and absolutely nothing comes up.

It’s probably best to ensure you populate key cities and resorts with options for luggage and parking before letting your site go live, or people won’t come back.

By the way if someone books storage through your site with an individual and their luggage is damaged/items stolen what sort of insurance do you have in place to cover this?


How is your company advertising? Do you list the spaces anywhere other than your site?

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