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I am very new to Facebook and only signed up because of my 2 Airbnb properties. Is it normal to have so many complaints on a page? So many people having issues with refunds, bad hosts, cancelations and unavailable properties. The responses seem to be so canned. There are very few happy posts and if I read all the posts as a newby there is no way I would book!
The complaints are really out of control and there appears to be little done about it.


Have you seen the Airbnb Trustpilot page? Compare it to the competitors Trustpilot ratings. It has a very poor rating even compared to them.

I wonder how many people are put off booking at Airbnb because of those complaints.

I don’t really use Airbnb, and can’t even remember what the Airbnb Facebook page looks like. But it might be interesting to compare it to the competitor’s Facebook pages.

Of course there is always horror stories, especially with companies like Uber and Airbnb where is all ‘online’ and you can’t visit someone to complain in person. Personally I have used Airbnb at least 10 times as a guest and never had a problem, budget & high end properties. I’ve had about 50 groups of guests as a host and again, problems have been minor and rare. My experience of dealing with Airbnb call centre and via email have actually been very good but I’ve been pushy with them and known what I want and my rights before calling them. I have little faith in the host guarantee I have to say though and thus have not bothered to make claims for damaged items (air mattress was the most expensive). I’ve just put it down to cost of doing business. At the end if the day, I just look at the platform as an easy option fir me but if it didn’t exist I go back to other methods which are a lot more work for me. None of my guests have ever complained about Airbnb service issues.

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It’s Facebook – or as I call it Farcebook! The place where every moron in the multiverse airs his/er dirty laundry! You actually believe everything (or anything) you read there?

IMHO this forum is much more representative. And we’ll really try to help you is you have problems as a host or guest.

If everything went perfectly we’d all be bored silly within a week; but some people live for, and live to create drama!

We’ve used AirBnb close to 40 times, all around the world, and all but one have been good to extremely good experiences. Can’t say that about my previous decades of hotel/motel stays!

Personally, I think every potential AirBnb host should first be a guest in at least ten different Air rentals, before being allowed to become a host for real.

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People are more likely to complain than they are to praise, and this is especially true on Facebook/Twitter. When a CSR doesn’t resolve an issues with a host, and that host complains to this forum, it is not uncommon for this forum to suggest they engage another CSR via Twitter/Facebook.

I am a fan of AirBNB but I have never visited their Facebook page.

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I still think there is something else going on. Airbnb has consistently among the lowest ranks of the companies in its category across review sites, not just Facebook. Compare for yourself.

I also call it FAKEBOOK… especially when you are home leading your hum drum life and all your friends are traveling the world or living the high life! And post pics to make you jealous…:laughing:

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Lol! I am no longer on Fakebook, but always thought it amusing that people having such a “great time” would be wasting fun by posting on facebook. It’s like those people who go to a concert and view it through their phone, and record it is so they can upload it to facebook - and all their friends can see what a wonderful time they had :joy: :

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Hey! I feel like you are insenuating soemthing :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Obviously Kidding!![quote=“konacoconutz, post:7, topic:12504”]
especially when you are home leading your hum drum life and all your friends are traveling the world or living the high life!


This is why I wanted to keep a certain holiday I just had on the down low, but friends kept asking for pics!!! So I am guilty of it myself. :laughing: