Airbnb extended EC to 7/15

Looks like airbnb forgot to notify hosts.

Wow, that’s not like them. I mean hosts are soooooo important to Airbnb that they never usually do anything to feck them over, or keep them in the dark about decisions, or…

Mr Grumpy hat on this morning.



Any particular reason??

I’ve just annoyed Leanne mightily, after leaving Roger a Shepherds’s pie for tonight. She parked up just as I was texting him that it was on the window cill, by the cobwebs. If thunderous looks could kill, but she took it in anyway.

So any early a.m. grumpiness has left this household at speed!

Oh goody. Does this mean I’ll get 25% of the cancellation I just got for July? The $143 and change was a nice surprise…

So glad I’m closed until at least August.

I got a dog booking on a Thursday for a 5 day stay beginning Tuesday. On Monday the guest canceled saying there were family issues. I’ve thought of taking a road trip but things are literally changing by the day. Aside from the wisdom of Airbnb’s policies or not, anyone who continues hosting during this time knows full well the risk they are taking and they shouldn’t be blaming Airbnb for their troubles.


Discovered this myself this morning.

It’s ridiculous because they supposedly require proof that the guest can’t travel, but they’re allowing people to cancel a month and a half out. It’s impossible to prove in advance that future travel won’t be possible…

They should just say outright that any bookings made before March 15 can be cancelled for a full refund, rather than repeatedly blindsiding us with rolling extensions.

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I normally wear my Grumpy Hat on Monday mornings. It’s a bit of a throwback to when I used to actually work for a living and always had to deal with shit on a Monday. Now, even if I don’t need to deal with shit I’m still grumpy on Monday mornings.

However, today I was going through our listings, making some small changes, on the three OTA’s we use and once again found that Airbnb had screwed up our check in/out times. With OH back teaching just now, our time management is going to have to be a lot better than before and the last thing I need is someone booking expecting to check in at midday.

So, just in case, I also checked our digital begging bowl and sure enough they’d reactivated it on both listings. This is the third time this has happened.

It’s the inefficiency and constant “it ain’t broke, so why don’t we try and fix it” attitude within the IT department at Airbnb that is annoying me just now, majorly.

The change to the EC policy doesn’t affect us. We’re Moderate and our solitary Airbnb booking isn’t for a couple of months and he has until the end of July to cancel. He says he doesn’t intend to, but if he does, he does.


They put my check in time at 10:00 am . WTF?

Where do you find this? I cannot remember I know I turned it off but now I had better check


Go to Account, then Payments and Payouts. It’s listed under Donations.


Only if they booked before the 14th of March

I didn’t see anything that states hosts would get the 25% unfortunately, only that we could cancel penalty free. I have 2 qualifying bookings that I was hoping to at least get the 25% for.

I couldn’t find a reference to us getting the 25%, where did you find it?

If the guest is willing to accept a voucher instead of a refund, they apparently don’t have to provide any proof at all. Host gets nothing, Airbnb gets to bank the guest’s money, guest ends up with a voucher they may or may not have the opportunity to use before it expires. Nifty.


Nope, you get nothing. That fund was only good though I think 5/31

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What a scam… sleazebags.

Exactly! Again they have tried to sneak one past us. I just got a July 2-9 cancellation that I had held since December! I called C/S to ask what’s up, and was told the cancellation offer has been extended, even though the county where my house is located is open.

He did say that Airbnb is considering extended the 25% assistance from April - July 15, so that might help if they do it.

I was told by C/S last night that it’s being considered to extend through July 25. That’s the LEAST they should do. I’m expecting my whole Summer calendar to be destroyed.

I do blame Airbnb.
They treat hosts with zero consideration and zero respect.

I don’t know you or your situation so I’m just going to acknowledge your post and say there are a good number of folks in a lot of pain. May things improve for you soon.

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To some of the posts here, at least when you called CS you actually got someone! I have yet to reach a person - even through the SuperHost access, in numerous calls. When I’ve submitted a question via the app, it takes three to four days to get a lame, lazy answer. I hope they get their act together soon or I’m afraid hosts and guests alike will move on.