Airbnb explains what star rating means

I just used Airbnb as a guest recently and one change I noticed is that when writing a review, Airbnb is explaining what each star means as follows:

1 star = Terrible
2 Star = Bad
3 Star = OK
4 Star = Good
5 Star = Great

Do you think this explanation will influence the way people hand out stars?

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Not well, in my opinion. If they think 4 stars is “good,” then we’ll be getting more 4-star ratings and fewer 5-star.


I thought someone else pointed out in a different post that they used to say 5 stars=fantastic, so this might be an improvement?? Great is easier to achieve than fantastic, IMO.


That would be me. I definitely think this is an improvement. But hosts are never happy no matter what you do (JOKE!)

I dont think it matters really. I get 4 stars if a stand of carpet is running the wrong way, some people just won’t give 5 stars even if their stay was perfect.


I haven’t been a guest since last year. Does anyone know if guests are still being shown this when they are assigning stars?

I didn’t pay attention in May. I’m staying in another airbnb this month and I will pay more attention.

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