Airbnb enthusiasts on Twitter?

Looking to follow and be followed by fellow Airbnb enthusiasts on Twitter.

If interested in exchanging twitter usernames with this community, post your twitter username below.

Mine is:

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Whaaaat? "…

Ha! I just followed you and it looked like you had just one follower???

@jaquo Thanks, yes, everyone has to get started somewhere, and now there are three :wink:


I don’t know how to tweet!

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You need to. It’s a fabulous way to promote your listing :slight_smile:

I’m trying to get started too, so getting some “twitter” friends from here would be awesome :slight_smile:

@jaquo - what exactly do you do to promote your listing on twitter? any tips?

I write articles on my website about various aspects of our listing. For example, a while ago someone here (sorry, I forget who) posted something about listings that are haunted. So with Halloween in mind, I wrote an article about local places and ghost walks. I have another about why the apartment is suitable for business people, one about dog owners and one about paddleboarding. I recently wrote one about Poke Stops locally.

Then from time to time, I promote these on Twitter.

I think the best tip is to always include a photograph with your message. It also helps if you have followers who are willing to retweet. Whenever I tweet my dog-friendly article, for example, I almost always get a couple of bookings from dog owners straight away,

I also like to add a few relevant products on articles to make a few pennies from Amazon and with the dog article, I’ve included a couple of cute videos to make the (rather blantantly self-promotional) article a little more viral.

And thank you for reminding me - I need to write more :slight_smile:

@jaquo - thanks for sharing these tips. I love your ideas. But how do you get “relevant” followers?

Twitter 101 :slight_smile:

The main thing to remember is that it’s called social media for a reason so it’s important to interact with others who have the same interests. Retweet them so that they get to ‘know’ you. If you think that you have a real bond or a great deal in common, try PMing them. (This might not always work, I haven’t paid any attention to PMs for years).

Research hashtags and find which ones are being used by people in your own area of interest. Only use one hashtag per tweet or your message becomes unreadable and spammy. Research them carefully and don’t use common ones - find out what hashtags people in your field of interest are using. (Tip - never use ‘free’ because porn people do!) Find out if any groups are using a hashtag for chat - for example I used one that was ‘F1chat’ for Formula One fans to discuss each race on the following day. Don’t preset tweets or use automated services.

Share things that others will want to share with their followers - a brilliant photograph will usually work.

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Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I will definitely try it.

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Happy to connect with you! Establish a social presence is important and can attract new bookings

This is a list of social networks where I am present. I will be happy to connect with you in all of them!