Airbnb emailed that previous guests didn’t pay

Has anyone had to deal with this?
Guest makes a reservation for 2 nights7 days prior to checkin.
Guest checks in Friday.
I received my payout Saturday afternoon as usual.
Guest checks out Sunday @11am.
I receive email from Airbnb inviting me to review guest at 2:43pm.
Click box in the Airbnb app “Write Review” appears and is still there.
I receive email from Airbnb at 23:38 that says:
“Problem collecting payment for reservation Xxxxxxxxxx.
Hi Xxxxxx,

The attempt to charge your guest, Xxxx, for the amount due for reservation xxxxxxxxxx from Sep 7 - 9, 2018 was unsuccessful. The reservation is still active at this time, and we’ve sent xxxx an email alert with a direct way to pay the balance.

If your guest successfully submits payment, we’ll send you a confirmation email right away. If you have questions about the payment problem, you can reach out to your guest.

If your guest doesn’t successfully submit payment or if they cancel the reservation before making the payment, Airbnb isn’t liable for issuing your host payout. If you prefer to cancel the reservation, you can cancel without penalty at any time before the trip begins. If the reservation has started and you’d like to cancel, please send us a note.

We appreciate your understanding.

The Airbnb Team

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I don’t understand this and it hasn’t happened to me. I get notification of payment the day after the reservation begins, even on weekends. The payment may take a day to show up at my bank.

In any case I’d be calling Air ASAP.

Please return to update us.


I just got notified by Airbnb that this was a system glitch.
BUT I’m wondering if it is possible for a guest to enter our homes and then Airbnb to put the monkey on our backs to function as both a host and a collection service?
How are we supposed to know in advance?

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I’ve only heard of cases where they couldn’t get payment when the booking was made. They charge the card at that time so they should know 7 days in advance. I think a few hosts got burned when the reservation in made same day or day before.

It osunded on first read that it was a systems problem. I suspect they had taken payment as per normal, and the messages were glitchingly automated.

I kept following up with Airbnb via twitter and was told:

Me: “Question for you though because of this email. Is it possible for Airbnb to allow me to have an Airbnb guest with a reservation into my home and then me not get paid???”

Airbnb: “Hi there, these situations are very rare and only happen when the guest’s payment processor experiences delays. If you have any concerns about future situations like this would occur, don’t hesitate to DM us for more details so our team can follow up. Thanks for your understanding.”

This make me very cautious and concerned. They only really have 1 job. Collecting and passing to me $$$ for the reservation. If they screw up I’d expect them to be in a tight one and not me…


WOW! I allow same day bookings so I can see this really might be a problem. IDK how Airbnb would expect the host to be able to collect from the guest when all we have is their name! We aren’t given any financial info on them, a home address on them, or anything that might be useful in attempting to collect payment after their departure.