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Airbnb email contact

Hi there,

First time as a host on airbnb and I am setting up everything from the ground up… Should I create a gmail email address or should I created a custom email like name@hosting.com

Not sure If once you add your listing airbnb give you an email address.

You don’t need to do any of that. They will just need the email address you normally use. All correspondence with guests is through your listing on their site.

Have a look at their information for hosts on their website - it guides you through setting up your listing and key information you need to know before you go live.

I set up a new email just to keep “personal” and “work” separated. If you use gmail or yahoo web interface, you can link the two email boxes so that you can have them all come into one email. Yahoo you click on each box and show it separately. Gmail it co-mingles all emails. You do want to set your airbnb up with the one you want to use. Airbnb gets a bit grumpy when you try to change it and they may lock your account for a review - this happened to me when I set my account up with my personal email, and then decided to switch to a new separate work email.

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