Airbnb does not sending money to Hungarians who has bank accounts

Dear Hosts around the world!

I am a Hungarian “super” host.Doing my small business for 1,5 year legally of course. Now in Hungary we have trouble for more than 3 weeks now.I had to make a pay pal account to finally receive money,but its less than i normally would get through my bank.Now my bank account cant work somehow. And lots of other Hungarian hosts are complaining about it, and it looks like the only solution is to make an other type of money transfer.Do you noticed anything like this in an other country?
Thank you !

I’m sorry you are having difficulties. Have you given BNB a call and checked it out with them?

They are using best for technical or financial issues.

@helsi I suspect it’s actually PayPal that are deducting a fee for their services in Hungary .

Perhaps the Hungarian banks have been told by their government not to accept deposits from AirBnb (because the government isn’t getting its cut)?

After having the same problem for 3 weeks, I received this message from AirBnB:Payouts to bank accounts in your country( Hungary) have been delayed due to issues experienced by some of our local bank partners. We have moved to a new bank transfer provider in order to ensure that we can continue making payouts to you as quickly as possible.
We’ve deactivated your existing bank transfer payout method to avoid further delays. In order to send payouts to your bank account we need you to add the new bank transfer payout method. Please select “bank transfer” and add your bank account details in the Add Payout Method flow. Then, make sure the bank transfer is your default payout method.
Add Payout Method
Any incomplete payouts will be reprocessed through this new provider. You may also choose to add any of the other available payout options, however, these options may incur additional fees.
Thank you for your patience as we worked to restore service to you as quickly as possible.

Hello Guys! Thank you for your answers. Things has been sold now as it
seems.Hopefully evertyhing works out as it was before or more…

Not for me already Eszter. Did you add paypal as default or restore your bank account as default payment to solve the issue?

Thank you guys! Thank God its been solved by now.First i added pay pal but
now the bank transfer is working.