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Airbnb did not charge my extra guest fee


I recently received a reservation on my two bedroom cabin. I thought the total price was a little low for four guests. When I looked at the details of the pay out, I realized that Airbnb did not charge the five dollar extra person fee resulting in a $30 loss on the reservation. I have messaged Airbnb as I feel it would be tacky to ask a guest for extra money after they have already made payment and confirmed the reservation. I am hoping Airbnb will resolve this and pay the $30. Has anyone had this happen before? Thanks!


No I haven’t personally.

I think you would be better off calling, rather than messaging.


Taking a second look at the reservation I realize she put it in the narrative but not in her booking. Newbie mistake on my end LOL. That’s what I get for looking at a confirmed booking at 4:30 AM with one eye open :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then you can just go in and amend the booking for their approval.


Yes, I sometimes get a booking for one but they clearly say there are two of them. So I just send a “request money” request. Sometimes the guest doesn’t get around to paying it before check in or even before check out. It’s hard for the guest to find it it seems, especially if they are using the app. But I have gotten my payout eventually every single time, even if it is several days after check out.


Definitely amend the booking! That is not tacky at all. Just say you noticed she only booked for 1 (or however many), and that you’ll need the change to be accepted before their stay.


Thank you everyone! I amended the booking.

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