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Airbnb & design

Hi everyone,
I’m new here and happy to meet you all.

Maybe you have read too that Brian Chesky announced Airbnb will be collaborating with Jony Ive, who was the lead designer at Apple for 20 years or so.

In Brian Chesky message, they seem pretty excited about it. And as a designer myself, I can imagine that it might quite thrilling to work with Jony Ive.

From a perspective of hosts, what are your thoughts about it?

Curious to read from you all,

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Hello @marcchataigner

From your profile you appear to be a guest rather than host.

What made you want to join a host forum?

Hi Helsi. I wanted to be a host, but here in Japan, not being fluent in Japanese myself yet, the regulation not that easy.

As an architect (and host), I always appreciate well thought out design. BUT other than announcing that AirBNB has partnered with him, there is little information to assess what it actually will mean.

So, for me, it is less excitement and more nothing and more questions.

  • Better website?
  • More stringent design requirements on hosts?
  • A rebranding of their failed AirBNB Plus?
  • Etc.

And as we have seen of late (and with PLUS) unless they have the operations staff to actually implement and support, it will be nothing more than an announcement to generate IPO interest.

PS. It’s Jony Ive.

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True!.. I corrected the orthography :slight_smile:

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Just WHY? There are so many more things that need fixing than design …!
A non Glitchy site.
Adequately trained staff who can actually do something when you call.
Proper guest screening.
Lost payments.
A button for pet fees.
I could go on and on…


Yep, it’s lipstick on a pig. I’m so sick of Airbnb putting their time and money into cosmetics rather than having a workable platform that isn’t filled with glitches.

I’ll help you go on- sane review policies.


Ha! I agree very much! :slight_smile:

Adding to that, I was wondering if like Apple products are very nice and sleek, but operate in a kind of a closed system, Airbnb experience would become super smooth, but kind of closed. I hope not!

I am confused. The announcement smacks of strategic planning. But the bio is pure design. Do we really need an in house designer? We now have a luxury hotelier and an inclusion specialist.

Who represents hosts? Or did I miss the memo?

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Miss Disney, as @muddy so aptly named her.


So does that mean you are not going to Host? I wonder why a guest would go on a forum meant for Hosts?
There’s a thread about guests learning “little tricks” to use against Hosts when the book/stay, so I have joined “the paranoid”, and honestly think only Hosts should be allowed on this forum.
No offense intended to you, by the way.:v: I’ll get blasted for saying this, I think…


I must confess I am quite surprised with these comments from actives hosts. :slight_smile: I’m currently looking to buy a property in France, and bet on new Airbnb travel trends post-Covid. So hopefully host soon.

But honestly, what’s in there to be afraid of non-active hosts? I’m not quite sure to understand the paranoïd. If I were a mean Airbnb guest, you could see that on my airbnb profile. :wink:


Your original posts said you were a guest who joined because you were interested in host feedback on Airbnb’s branding.

Very risky to bet on STRs in post Covid times with an investment property.

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