Airbnb deactivated my listing for the second time in 3weeks

They claim we’re not registered with the city of SF but we are. The city responds quickly and assures me we are. It’s been three days, last time it was six. 85 nights were cancelled many were the same guests cancelled last time and they are furious. I can’t seem to get Airbnb to respond…

Try them on social media and/or go to your local media,

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Thanks, I’m trying that too!

Hi Helsi, perhaps I’m not good at social media. I tweeted the ceo and received an email from customer service but nothing has happened. How do I make it visible to a large audience? Thanks, Peg

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Get a celebrity to share it is the fastest way to generate a large audience, but that wouldn’t help with your situation.

If you have contacted Airbnb (not CEO) on their social media and they haven’t responded try your local media.

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Sorry but I get a bit impatient with people who say this. If you’re in business, as Airbnb hosts all are, then you should be ‘good’ at modern forms of communication. Social media is an invaluable tool for promoting your Airbnb business and communicating with the company itself.

If your listing was deactivated twice in three weeks then there is more than likely a problem - not necessarily your fault - that no-one here will be able to help you with.

If you can’t help me don’t, but don’t admonish me because I’m not skilled at using social media to help shame Airbnb into helping me. I’ve reached out to them on Twitter and Facebook only to get the same message that “they are reviewing”. Perhaps I’m not skilled at messaging to help get a better response. The city of SF Office of Short term Rentals responds to me daily trying to help me contact Airbnb only to get the same message that it’s been escalated for review, as they confirm we are registered. I was reaching out to the community, as I was stunned that Airbnb could shut me down like this twice. Hope it doesn’t happen to you because good luck having them help you.