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Airbnb coupon codes - save money!

We found these coupon codes which includes discounts off your first bookings and also off your first time hosting - http://couponstrees.com/airbnb-coupon-codes/. Please let us know if you try them.

Happy saving!

It seems like the site is a dead end :frowning:

Well here is one that works. www.airbnb.com/c/ebadia?s=8. In total disclaimer I also get a credit when you use. The code is for first time users.

Does airbnb have a way for host to generate coupon codes for discounts?

Yes. From your airbnb dashboard, click ‘Invite Friends’. It’ll walk you through it. I use my property website to funnel people to this offer:


Thanks, I was hoping for a code that would work for more than just their first visit, but at least this is something.

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