Airbnb - clear history for phone number change


few days ago I moved to another country and I got new phone number.
I added new phone number into account and then I removed previous phone number.

Yesterday I tried to change my password and 2-FA SMS/Call verification was available only via old/deleted phone number. Today I contacted Airbnb support which told me, they must completely clear my account (2 years of my history will be lost and I am superhost).

I spent 1 hours on phone with their support, 2 hours on chat … without any result.

Has it happened to anyone yet?

I got a new phone and new number on Monday and went into the settings, added a number while I still had access to the old number and made the changes.

Other than doing that (which I’ve done with several accounts and some also have email verification as an option), I can’t help you. I’m lucky that I was moving the old number to Google Voice so I was able to keep access to 2 step.

Can’t they allow you to get a code via email?

No e-mail verification is available.

I can login with old and removed phone number, even though I can’t see old number anywhere in my profile. From my point of view, this is security issue.

Airbnb offered me solution to delete all my data and get new profile.

Curious. Over the past five years we’ve changed both email addresses and telephone numbers (from one country to another), without issue.

Maybe more to this’un?


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I agree with JohnF. There is more to this. Keep on ABB

Exactly. It seems that no one here can help you so you’ll just have to keep plugging away with Airbnb.

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I would love to change my banking account, but have read so many times of failure of payments,
That I am of the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”
Frame of mind.
I treat the Airbnb site as a can of worms, not opening it!


You must keep saying “I need to talk to a supervisor who can actually deal with this problem.” Rinse and repeat. If that doesn’t work, post to their public Twitter, which should almost guarantee a call. Or you can email the Chief Airhead, Chesky, who sometimes actually reads it himself.

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That’s how I feel, too. I’m scared to change anything on my account, lest it result in waiting for payouts for three months or some “unsolvable” glitch.

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I’m sorry to hear about your trouble. It sounds frustrating to lose two years of history as a superhost because of this issue.

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