AirBnb cleaners in the Boston area

Hello we provide AirBnb cleaning and management in the Boston area check us out airbnbkeepers

Do you offer only cleanings or do all your clients use you as a co-host?

I do both Susan , I do manage a fill AirBnb listings and also offer only cleaning laundry and restocking ( you share your google calendar with me and I know once someone check-out

Have you searched the threads? I swear someone was looking for a cleaner in Boston recently.

Also are you here to actually share your experiences and help other hosts or just advertise your business? If the latter, this is not what the forum is for…and you do seem to have just joined and just advertised yourself…

Not at all Emily,as a cohost and cleaner in Boston I do have a lot of information and questions to add and receive from the group.

At the moment I’m looking to buy new sets of sheets and towels, do you or anyone in the group have a store to recommend?

Hi Airbnbkeepers! As a fellow Airbnb host and owner of an Airbnb cleaning company, I support you 100% and love that you’re promoting your services! Keep putting in the work!
I recommend looking on Amazon for towels and sheets. You can get good quality sheets and towels for a good price.

Thank you Cassandra , I did got good quality sheets sets at amazon and excellent towels at Cosco

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