Airbnb Chime—Mysterious

My husband and I both got an Airbnb chime on our phones last night. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find an Airbnb message or notification. I also looked at our Airbnb guest and host accounts on my laptop and nothing.

But my husband did. He found in his phone’s general notification screen that he had an Airbnb message from an Airbnb we’ve never looked at, in a city we’ve never heard of (Boonville), in a state we couldn’t identify. The message told us this Airbnb was available. It was from Airbnb, not the host.

Very strange.

There is a Boonevile NC about 30 minutes west of Winston Salem. I would guess Tennessee has one too

Seems strange about notification though.

In the past 2 weeks crazy stuff going on with app. Maybe related?

I had notification of a pending request that didn’t appear on Airbnb for 20 minutes

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That is very odd indeed. Just in case, you may wish to update your password.


Notify AirBnB. Someone is trying to take over your account and book using it.

Go into your account and check address, email etc haven’t changed. Change your password.