Airbnb changing my prices

Is anyone else having trouble with Airbnb changing quoted prices.
Am I not right in believing that. when you have a MONTHLY or WEEKLY price set, it should override any other pricing in your listing.
When I am getting requests to book for a week or month, the price is not at all what I had set.
I have called them and they can’t figure it out and I am so frustrated!!

Did you happen to click on the new cancellation policy that gives guests a discount? I notice this a couple of months ago. I must have clicked on it instead of clicking on the moderate policy resulting in about $10 less for nightly rates.

Can you set a monthly or weekly price? I thought you set a monthly or weekly discount, so the actual price would still depend on pricing for the individual dates. In other words, there is nothing for it to “override”, it is just a discount.

Absolutely. And it’s an important tool right now.

You go to Listings → Pricing → Length of Stay Discounts.
At the bottom you’ll see “You can set a custom price for a specific month (or week)”
(in my photo, it says, “You’ve set a custom monthly price” because I have one set already).

Click on the blue-highted words and you’ll get this:

And you can set custom monthly prices of your choosing. These prices will supercede any other prices you have set on your calendar except for rule sets @Rudiegirl

Neither the daily prices on your calendar nor having discounts set in this same area will effect your monthly or weekly prices but some rule-sets will have an effect so it’s best to delete any rule-sets. Also, if you have a monthly price but someone only books 30 of the 31 days of July, for example, you will get your calendar prices for that month, not the entire monthly price - is it possible that that’s happened to you @Rudiegirl? It may seem that they booked an entire month but it depends on the month, so if they didn’t book July 1 - Sept 1, then you won’t get the monthly rate. You can alleviate this by setting a 30 or 31 day minimum.

Yesterday I discovered that a bunch of my settings had changed when a guest tried to book a month stay with a hefty discount. (I have a maximum of 28 days to prevent squatters and offer only my weekly discount) Not only had my length of stay changed, but my check in times and out were changed to flexible to. When I posted this on a different forum, I had at least five people say similar things are happening. Many commented on the cancellation policy changing. Earlier in the month I had my smart pricing rates overwritten and had to explain to customer service that this was not standard. I don’t know if the programing on the site has become so corrupted or if the people at Airbnb are trying to decide how to manage our accounts?


Thank you everyone for your thoughts. I am still working on it, looked at my settings, everything seems right. So for now I am solving it by increasing my monthly set price so that what people are quoted is nearer to the price I want it set at. (Very confusing) I hate playing games with pricing. I will be calling airbnb again!

Did you sign up to host Covid responders? And, if so, did you put something in the discount for them?