Airbnb Changed Price Breakdown!

A couple of times a week I search for my listing as if I were going to book something. I did that today and noticed that the price now is showing a per person charge rather than the cost per night! For instance, the first part of the title says $62 per person/per night. Seems they would have notified us of a change that is this major. Did anyone else notice this?

Hmmm… I was going to delete this posts since the person who replied said mine was the third post on this subject but apparently I can’t delete it. Sorry for not searching more thoroughly for this subject before I posted!

This is the third thread about this change. It only appears when they search for more than 2 people, otherwise it shows the cost of the place as a total.

I looked at the first several posts and didn’t see it. I will delete mine.

Perhaps a moderator could link the thread to the existing ones and close/lock this thread?

can’t quickly find the other mention…