Airbnb calendar issues today?

Am I the only one not getting any data in my Airbnb multicalendar today? I’m trying to open the multicalendar, and there are no reservations, nothing.

I just read Airbnb changes the ical export. Every time they make changes issues appears

It could be related to their announced update about iCal syncing no longer supporting Reservation biographical information.

All my September bookings have disappeared from the multi calendar on my laptop but they’re still on the app on my phone.

If you click on Hide Prices and then click back on it to Show Prices it might fix it. Someone reported this fix on the Community Center and it worked for me.


@JJD Thanks - that helped !!! But there must still be a bug in the system after the update, as it takes several clicks to make the bookings appear

I can’t get the Calendar to appear at all on my computer today … I assumed it was my old laptop’s fault. Not worried because I’m not taking any more bookings, but I would like to see who’s coming tomorrow. Haven’t checked the app yet.

I started screen shotting upcoming reservations so I always have access to the information if Airbnb goes down.

I also screen-shot the reservation and add the check-in/check-out info to my personal calendar.


If that happened to me I’d book some flights and bugger off somewhere interesting :slight_smile:


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JJD’s recommendation fixed it. Tempting idea though.
I’m actually considering getting a Short Term Property Managing company to co-host for a while so I can have a break from the endless messages. I tried Smartbnb but couldn’t get the automated messages personal enough. I live in a really chatty country.

My iCal calendars stopped syncing 3 weeks ago. I have tried chat support, email support and phone support and all I get is finger pointing “it’s not an Airbnb problem…”. “You will have to contact iCal…” or “you will have to contact Apple”.
Hello! ICal is a protocol. Not a company. AirBnb is providing THIS iCal link as a
Service to their customers and THEY need to administer it. In fact I just got an email from Airbnb indicating that the calendar will change on Dec 1 /2019. It will no longer name guests in iCal. Just list reserved or not. So if they can change it then THEY administer it. In fact I ran my iCal link through the validator on ical organization. . FULL OF TIME STAMP ERRORS! This is why changes don’t show up but if I reload it i get the current state but still does not update. Anyone else have this issue?