Airbnb calendar function in the app - min 3 day rentals left out

I’m updating my Airbnb listing. Airbnb functionality has changed so I decided to tinker and pretend I was booking a stay.

The app booking calendar has changed. If you know your dates, it functions as expected plus has a “date wiggle adjustment” function.

Flexible on your dates only allows weekend, week, or month. My listing requiring a 3 day min rental does not display for weekend rentals.

I don’t like the flexible calendar function. Phooey.

Are you affected too?

Phooey is right, I was considering bumping to a 3 day minimum, now I am not sure.

I wonder how many people search with flexible dates…



I wonder what the rationale is for limiting the flexible dates allowed.

So that means if you had a 2-day minimum listing then choosing “I’m flexible” would enable your property to be displayed for weekend rentals, right? If I were you I would just make my listing a 2-day min but then state in the description that I really want someone that wants to book at least 3. I feel that the inconvenience of possibly getting someone that only wants to stay 2 days every now and then still beats your property getting less exposure (since it sounds like you’re concerned about the exposure you’re able to get).

I think there’ll be folks who will use the +/- 3 days etc, but if I was searching, and I knew that the dates I wanted were not over a weekend, then I wouldn’t use the “I’m flexible” function, I’d simply disregard it.

All in all, it looks like a function that is only attractive to someone who knows where they want to go, but have no specific dates in mind. Given our (normal) demographic, it’s unlikely to have much effect on us.


I will think about this.
When I started hosting I had a 2 night minimum. I booked almost every night of the season but the work to support it and the wear & tear on the condo made the 3 night minimum appealing.

Guests don’t read. If I change back to 2 nights, I just have to accept I’m probably back to the same challenges I had before

My area is a predominantly drive to destination. Since my maximum occupancy is 2, you’ve just described my guests.
Person 1: let’s go to beach this summer
Person 2: ok, how about we find a weekend in June.

Oh well. Hopefully the Airbnb techies will decide to tinker with it again when they realize flexible 3 day weekends aren’t searchable.

As we are, however it’s normally preceded by a flight. I don’t think this will affect us much, firstly because we are two nights minimum and secondly because folks do generally have specific dates when visiting, often squeezing us in between Sevilla and Cadiz on their road trip!


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I completely get it especially in a post-Coronavirus lockdowns world – a more extended stay is always more appreciated but sometimes you have to roll with the punches…