Airbnb- butt out of my conversation with my guest!

AIrbnb’s robots decided to interject into my conversation I was having with my current guest. Is this new?? A sign of things to come??

So what she got was this, because I choose to give my wifi password to my guests when they arrive only:

Nonsensical and confusing to the guest. Has this happened to anyone else ?

The algorithm is always watching!

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Ugh! Another blasted “improvement.”

Yes the bots are watching.

Did I miss something? Sharing wi-fi access information in the check-in instructions has been part of the process for what seems like forever. Is there a security concern?

What I don’t like is the robots offering advice or “help” when it’s not asked for. Especially when it’s not relevant or it’s incorrect which it will be most of the time because an algorithm cannot pick up nuances of a conversation.

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That info is on the plastic card above the desk in each room.

It’s not going into Air’s system. Who knows how the password might be shared, but it’s not going into guest’s device until they are in the room.


I’m the same. Guests don’t get to know the password until they have checked in. As an added precaution, we change it regularly just in case someone is in a car outside and downloading child porn or something.

Anyway, I don’t mind the bot - it just makes Airbnb look daft. :crazy_face:


I have a small sign in a frame in each bedroom with the wifi information and in smaller letters below ‘checkout is at 10am’. Most of the time this reaffirms the checkout time so I very rarely get guests who ‘thought it was 11am’ - a P/A way to hang a rule on the wall…

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Actually I don’t mind. It only shows to the guest if you click on it - so just ignore :grin: