Airbnb Bug: Trip-Length Settings Don't Work

My Minimum stay setting is 3 nights.

For this weekend - today and tomorrow, I was happy to fill either night, so I set a ‘special requirement’ setting saying 21-22 Oct minimum is 1 night.

And when I test it for either day for a one-night stay, it says Minimum is 2 nights, can’t book! And the listing won’t show up on the map when searched for these days.

Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but this could mean 100s of Airbnb bookings not happening because of the glitch.

Not happening or just not happening for people with minimum stays?

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For folk with min stays

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yep, same problem for me. too many bugs airbnb!

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Thanks @tan8856, have you called Airbnb and raised a complaint? The more people do it the better to get them fix it.

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how do we call them? what number? im in uk
i just looked at their ‘contact us’ section and as usual with online business its an endless stream of drop down menus that lead to a chunk of useless text rather than a phone number to speak to a human! i hate that!


When their front line CSRs field calls about glitches, they usually answer you with some placating response and say they will let someone know. These call center folks probably have very little impact on the corporate level.

I have same problem with Trip Length not changing per my input. It started about 30 days ago.
Just talked to CSR and she said this is a known bug they are working on. But no ability to escalate.

Has anyone had success escalating issues beyond front line CSRs?

Thanks - jenn

If they tell you it’s a known bug that they are working on, I don’t think there is any point in trying to escalate it.