AirBnB booking request canceled by Admin?

I had a last minute booking request this afternoon about 1 pm from a guest wanting to stay tonight and tomorrow night. They had 10 reviews from prior hosts. Five of the 10 hosts were what I call “corporate hosts”—big companies with dozens to hundreds of units. Two of the 10 reviews were negative. One, from a corporate hosts said the guests were noisy. The other was really negative…more guests stayed than were on the reservation, and they were also more than max occupancy allowed at that listing, guests smoked in a non smoking house, guests took things, left the place dirty, etc.

On top of this, the guest making the booking request is a local, and gave her reason for wanting to stay (for 2 nights, my minimum) as she was in the area looking for a house to buy!

I was going to decline her booking but I didn’t have time because I was running to get to an appointment. I was hoping, frankly, if I didn’t say yes right away she would cancel the booking request and find another place. Less than 2 hours after she made the booking request, I see it’s canceled. Hooray! I feel I dodged a bullet!

So here’s my question. It’s says “canceled by Admin.” What does that mean? All my other booking requests that were canceled say “canceled by guest.”

Likely she got admin to cancel it for her penalty free…maybe because she booked elsewhere.

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It was just a request, not an actual booking yet, so I assume she could just cancel it herself without penalty.

I saw the same thing yesterday. A booking request that was “cancelled by admin”. It was also perplexing to me.

I’m not complaining, btw, just curious. I was so thankful the booking request was canceled and I didn’t have to decline because I definitely would have. She’s a local, wanted to book at the last minute, and had 2 bad reviews (out of 10) and said she wanted to book because she was looking to buy a house! Crazy! This is a small town…30,000 population…and she already lives here so her reason for booking—to stay while house hunting—didn’t make sense at all.

I figured one of the following scenarios was likely: (1) booking to throw a party, (2) end of month+local gal—just got evicted maybe? (3) booking to sell drugs or do prostitution or some other illegal activity.

But I am curious as to why it said “canceled by admin” instead of “canceled by guest.”

I have that situation a lot. Their house sells before they are able to get a new one.

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Yes, but she only wanted 2 nights…does she think she can buy a house one day and move in the very next? Makes no sense.

Yes I believe you dodge a bullet. Her reason makes no sense at all.

Quite honestly if there is a next time @Keugenia, i would have declined the booking, It literally takes less than a minute, once you read the message to decline a booking.

Much better to take this time even where you have an appointment then risk the stress and hassle of hosting such a problem guest @Keugenia

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I was definitely going to! Her request came in, I looked at it, took a quick look at her previous reviews, saw she was a local, read her message to me and decided “oh, no, no way.”

I hit the decline button, then screen another screen popped up asking my reason and I chose “uncomfortable with this.” Then a third screen came up which asked me to write a note to the guest about why I was declining them…and at that point I decided I did not have time to do the decline then because I needed to leave right that moment if I was not going to be late for my appointment.

I did have it in the back of my mind that the prospective guest might cancel her request if I took too long to respond because she was looking for a place for that night, and it was already 1 pm when she made the booking request. The process does take more than a minute if you follow all the screens and write the guest why you are declining them.

But, believe you me, if the request had not been canceled, I would have declined her after my appointment was over!