Airbnb bans indoor security cameras in rentals

I got the e-mail too.

Dont know how to handle this one. I have no cameras inside the space the guest rents.

I do have a camera at our reception/front desk, and I have no plans to remove it, it’s legally allowed and disclosed (warning signs on door and on desk).

I am not going to remove it, because it helped me on several occasions. (Packages not delivered, aggressive guest and a discussion with a guest that claimed I did not give him enough change)

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I don’t see the necessity of discussing why any serious host would require a camera inside their rented accommodation.

BUT - as I just updated our information regarding the surveillance cameras on our property, following Airbnb’s requirements (add details in the safety section) - I was more prominently made aware that now every website visitor on Airbnb can easily find out about the location of our security cameras without even having to register an account on Airbnb. Thank you Aribnb! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

There is no need to remove any cameras that we are legally allowed to use on our property - it’s the sheer insanity of Airbnb to force all the hosts to disclose the location of their surveillance equipment in public. That’s just absurd.


I have pictures and locations of all of my outside cams on the listings. I find that it helps allay the fears of some folks who feel that a security presence is needed. nd I assume that folks who want to be sneaky will perhaps be dissuaded from being bad actors knowing they are all over the place.

The camera is not only a security item, it also improves service.

When my wife is in de laundry room, she cannot see or hear if anyone is at the reception desk. We have an Amazon Echo Show in the laundry room that can be used to view the life feed.

So if a guest arrives to check in, or a guest has a question she can see them and go to the reception desk.


You need to follow the link and update, there are some new boxes to check to affirm no cameras inside and some other stuff.


I have a camera on the first floor hallway that leads to my unit. I want the security. I have a curtain set up in front of my door and moved the camera behind the curtain. I wrote that it’s in my own unit space and does not record the guests unless they try to go beyond the curtain onto my private space (there is a locked door too). I’m not sure if this will satisfy Airbnb or not. It’s crazy that they don’t care about hosts safety.


I got an alert regarding this from Airbnb this morning saying that it affected “some or all of my listings”. I do have security cameras that monitor the front of the house/the parking area but had previously properly disclosed them in the listings. When I went to check on it the “has security cameras” toggles were turned off and my disclosures were gone. So check your listings and make sure your camera disclosures are still there!


There are some listings which operate like hostels- multiple rooms rented out to unrelated guests, who share common spaces like living rooms and kitchens.

While I would never want to stay places like that at my age, nor would I want to stay anyplace with indoor cameras, some folks may.

Those places may traditionally have indoor cameras, which might actually make some guests feel safer. For instance, one guest leaves their cellphone on the table in the living room and then it disappears. A camera would show who took it or stop a thief from considering taking it. Or a guest makes sexually inappropriate advances to another guest. Or one guest consistently leaves a big mess behind himself in the shared kitchen, but denies it was him. “Well dude, you’re on camera walking out of the kitchen leaving your dirty dishes in the sink and your dirty pots and pans on the stove.”


If you want to be on the safe side, you could move the camera into your private space, facing the door.

I once read a post where the homeshare host had come home to find the husband of her middle-aged couple guests asleep in her bed. Of course she was freaked out, but it turned out that he sleep walks, got up to use the bathroom, and quite unconsciously just walked into the host’s bedroom and fell back into real sleep. The guests were horrifically embarrassed. :rofl:


In true Airbnb poorly worded language, this is really weird:

“This property has one or more devices located outdoors that record or transmit video, images, or audio. You must disclose them if they’re turned off.”

That reads as if you don’t have to disclose them if they are turned on. You’d think a multi-billion dollar company could afford to hire copywriters who can state things coherently.
Like "You must disclose them even if they are turned off.

I was rather shocked to see all the hosts on the Airbnb CC jumping up and down upset about this. Seems a lot of hosts have and think indoor cameras are just fine.


Yes you’re right, I completely ignored the in home stays where guests share rooms etc. That is a particularly tricky situation especially if you have off-limit rooms that cannot be locked or children sharing the same pace.

Like you, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with indoor cameras but everyone is different.

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Good heads-up. I have no cameras, so I had it toggled off, but when I checked, the toggle wasn’t checked either way. They must have negated everyone’s camera settings.
Also, I didn’t get any notification from Airbnb about this. I would never have known had it not been posted here.

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It’s a tricky situation in a lot of ways and I’ve read quite a few guest posts over the years complaining about places they have booked like this. In some cases, the host didn’t make the living situation clear in the listing info and the guest assumed that “private room in shared home” meant they would be sharing with the host, only to find out the host doesn’t even live there. And if the host is off-site, and doesn’t have a cleaner come in every day (or the host does the cleaning), there are usually complaints about other guests leaving shared spaces dirty, or their stuff spread out all over the living room. And of course, if the host is off-site, with no one there to monitor things, some guests may play loud music or talk loudly on the phone, disturbing other guests.


They do care about host safety, that is, as much as they “care” about anything. But they care about guest safety and bad publicity more.


I have a house with 5 bedrooms - shared living areas.
I have a camera in the kitchen to make sure food isn’t stolen and dishes aren’t left in the sink unwashed


The problem, though, is that they may start removing listings that don’t include details about those cameras. That is what is scaring many Hosts right now :cry: