Airbnb app for iphone: lotsa glitches?!

Are you having weird glitches with the airbnb app for iphone?
My stats page indicates that we are receiving requests but we have no messages or requests. The stats also state that we just got 6 reservations yesterday! Awesome! But there are no reservations.
Anyone else experiencing lots of glitches with the iphone app?

I’ve got an Android. I try not to use the app except for texting to the guests because it’s a little awkward trying to adjust pricing and block dates. What I have noticed is the stats look odd at times. For instance this month’s views were ticking up slowly. It was at around 100 mid month. But just in the past two days it’s jumped way up. Right now it’s at 345. I’ve got a few booked days in the next couple of weeks. Maybe there will be a stampede soon, huh?

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I have the same problem! I thought it just me because I changed go Huawei phone .I hardly receive notification these days.

Not having an issue with false stats and requests, but I don’t like the app overall. It doesn’t give me the features I like such as messaging with a pre-written message. Or if it does have a feature it is hard to use.

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No issues at all with my iPhone app on my iPhone 7

Something I noticed with my android app is that I have fewer characters available for my title and brief description. So I use my computer for that. I’ve also had a few instant bookings that I didn’t get notified for by the app. Luckily I checked my email and saw the notification there. My DogVacay app is glitchy. Apps are just more glitchy.

I’ve had 2235 people looked at my listing this month? Really given I’ve been booked for ages that seems really unlikely…plus it always tells me I have a message but I rarely do! I reported a problem with times on a booking, using the screenshot, report app issue. DONT USE THAT if you want your problem resolved, they refuse to respond to you personally using this option. I’m afraid you’ll need to call or draft a proper email and screen shot to CS.

I’m using an iphone7 but I’m experiencing a lot of crap on it.

  1. number of people booking my reservation don’t appear properly
  2. notification doesn’t appear properly. In other words, the number in the red circle on the top right side of the app doesn’t get reflected accurately.

I thought the Airbnb app I was using was outdated. But It seemed updated. Ah, well. I heard that it’s full of glitches. It’s probably best to use it on your PC.

Ok for this month so far the app says i have 8 requests when i know i only had 3. The full desktop site on the www says i dont have any. Both sites are wrong. Grrrrr

I have found the app as bad as the web site, in different ways. I can’t do everything on the app and they present things differently. I like the calendar handling better on the App, trying to block stuff out on web is really frustrating. I doubt they even test the web application anymore… it requires testing with different browsers and different settings. The biggest gripe I have with the App (Iphone) is that when I started using it, it marked that I had 84 messages unread. Of course I don’t, and there is no way on App to go through and mark them “read.” And of course they are read on Windows, so I can’t do anything about it. I think they have very amateur programmers working there. Should be a choice “mark all read” or the like.