Airbnb app defaults always to 'guest'

I wonder if air understands that a host needs to (for instance) always get right to a message, or that checking the calendar is a priority, etc?

I noticed today that:

the app constantly defaults to ‘guest’ when I open it, and i have to manually set it to host by clicking on the lower right hand corner

the website does not allow me to stay constantly logged in when using my iPad (since the app has limited functionality, I tend to use the iPad website for a better experience).

Is there a way to make it always ‘host’? Is there an app everyone uses that I need to know about that is more for hosts? And, how do YOU do this everyday lol…

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I find that glitch when I get an incoming guest request and click it when in the traveller mode of the ipad app. It looks as if the guests travel details are my own.
Just learnt to live with it.
It was confusing in the beginning when indigent know what was going on.