Airbnb API. How does this work?

Airbnb email states: “More markets now open for business
We’ve increased the number of markets where you can list your properties on Airbnb through the API.”
Forgive me, but, does this mean I am actually able to list my accommodations in other markets - China, London, etc?

API means “Application programming interface”.

This means that someone can program software to actively manage your listing trough 3rd party software.
Big property management companies use this to actively push a property to several OTA’s at the same time.

Also several channel managers are already using the API to actively change availability and rates.
This is much better than the buggy and sluggish iCal system, and editing rates manually.

Apparently the use of the API was limited to certain locations, for unknown reason.

Opening up the API means that a lot more channel managers will be able to use it, making life a lot easier for a lot of hosts.

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