Airbnb apartment theft


Firstly, apologies as I am not an airbnb host but a guest.

At a recent airbnb rental I was unfortunately burgled of all my jewellery to the value of around £500. The reason for this is that although I locked all of the windows (we were on the first floor), one of the handles it transpired, was faulty and either possibly opened in the breeze or was known in the neighbourhood to be malfunctioning.

I took pictures of the broken handles and missing components, and then took further pictures when the host arranged for the windows to be permanently nailed shut.

We went to the police station to make a report, but this only happened after I had been advised by airbnb that the host should have insurance to cover this, or be liable as the window was clearly faulty.

My problem now is that the host has told me she will claim on her insurance (after initially claiming she had none) and forward me the payment via back, which could take up to 30 days, but on the condition of give her a positive review. As I only have 14 days to make the review, I feel I could be in a very vulnerable position should I not have the money before then.

I have alerted airbnb to the situation but obviously they are keen for me to work it out with the host firstly.

Does anyone have any advice on what I should do or where I stand? I did have travel insurance, but the excess on my jewellery means it would be fairly pointless claiming on that, and as I assumed I would be in a secure apartment i wasn’t too concerned about it - after all, it’s meant to be a home from home.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Nice - being held ‘hostage’ for a positive review. No, don’t give the review. Insist that your losses are compensated. I would say “I’ll give you a horrible review unless you pay for my damages”

But I’m confused as to who’s policy will pay. The host’s insurance policy will not pay for your losses - any business related activity is not going to be covered by a home owner’s policy - unless they have b&b type coverage.

Keep asking questions, and don’t give into the threats. Sorry you had this problem! Yikes!


she has no insurance, you think she will pay for you this high amount of money?
im sorry, but probably it was not a good idea to take expensive jewellery with you. in a hotel they have safes, where you can put valuable stuff, but in a apartment… its hopeless. i dont mean to blame the victim, but probably you should have to think about it before.

Your host sounds kind of shady by telling you she will reimburse you, only if you leave her a review. Are you sure she didn’t set you up and steal your jewelry herself? She also is lying about either having insurance or not having insurance. That’s two marks against her character. Did you personally see someone come out to permanently nail the windows shut? Maybe she nails the window shut after she steals her guests belongings. And then pulls the nails out when they leave.

Is it possible to file an insurance claim for stolen jewelry while you are visiting? If so, why can’t you file the claim with her insurance?


Review extortion is not allowed and a big bad no-no. Keep copies of communication involving that extortion and report it to Air. It’s a mess otherwise though and I don’t know how this will be made right.