AirBnB and VRBO calendars not syncing. Now I'm double booked

I had the 2 calendars synced, at least I think I did?
Anyway I realised I’m double booked, and so I did the import/export thing again and now I have 1 VRBO guest March 20 to 28 and 1 AirBnB guest March 22nd to April 5th.
Today is March 4th, so still over 2 weeks until first booking date.

I’m thinking to let the March 8th one know that the place is unavailable. That one is with VRBO. VRBO is where I get most of my bookings. Will I be penalised if the cancellation is over 14 days away?

I get busy with my regular job and to be real I’m not the best ‘scheduler’ in town, so I feel kinda bad about this and thinking just to have my place on VRBO only. Unless I can find a reliable way to sync both calendars.

VRBO is much easier to cancel than the Airbnb!


Relying on the iCal synch between OTA’s (with instant book active) is a double booking waiting to happen. It can be several hours before the calendars synch. That said, some on here use the iCal synch and say they have no issue.

In Europe, VRBO only allow the use of their XML connection (instant synch) if you have five or more listings, I don’t know if it’s the same where you are.

If you can’t use a channel manager, leaving VRBO (your most popular channel) on IB and turning it off on Airbnb is likely to be your only option.

Do a forum search for “channel managers”, there’s plenty of info.



Consider pro-actively finding another Airbnb for one of your bookers.
I didn’t have a double booking, just an A/C fail. I sent inquiries to fellow hosts in my area with vacancies on their calendar and was able to offer my guests an alternative.
The guests opted to manage with fans but were grateful I made the effort to give them a choice.

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I had a similar situation today with AirBNB!!! I had blocked off a week in April, and I have never had an issue with the platforms syncing, but still maintain a written calendar at home! I was not at home when a request came in, so I assumed the dates were available and accepted the reservation request… within a couple hours, I realized that the reservation that I had accepted was not possible and I canceled it with an explanation! The guest that I canceled on was not pleased (obviously) and I now have a “canceled reservation” black mark on my listing!

Sorry to bump this old thread but is anyone having issues trying to re-sync their VRBO to Airbnb? Specifically, when I go to Import & Export on VRBO it shows me absolutely nothing now.

We’ve tried everything – twice. Both times ended up giving up on vrbo.