AirBnB and Paypal

I haven’t received my money for my reservations yet. AirBnB States in the transfer that they have paid, but nothing has happened in 5 days in my Paypal account. Have anyone experienced the same problem?

Sorry I don’t use PayPal with Airbnb but there have been other hosts here who experienced problems with PayPal. I get a direct deposit into my bank account within 1 business day.

Air will try to tell you this is paypal, but it’s really them. I too, switched to direct and find it to be better. Also it’s paid within about 10-12 hours of the check in.

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Wow! That’s fast… I was told by Airbnb that the listings Check-In time also affects when the transaction is initiated. Just curious - what is your Check-in time. Mine used to be 5 PM, because that was when I got home from work, but I had to change it to 6 PM when my office hours changed. I don’t usually see the payout initiated until 24-48 hours after the date guest arrives.

4pm, and the money is there by 3 am usually. Maybe because I am in Hawaii.

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My checkin time is 3PM EST and the money transfer is initiated at around 8:30AM the next morning. Once it was delayed until 11AM. That is about 17 hours. I thought there was a “cooling” period before the payout just in case the guests didn’t like, want, enjoy, whatever, our spaces?

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