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AirBnb alternatives for listing your property

While we love AirBnb, some hosts may be looking for alternatives to AirBnb to list their property. Here’s a great website that lists some of AirBnb’s competitors: http://similar-web-sites-to-airbnb-roomorama-wimdu.fastweb.no/airbnb-competitors-and-alternatives-websites-concepts_205.html.

If you have tried or try any of these, please be sure to share your experiences with everyone!

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We are listed on Flipkey - at this point we have better results on Airbnb

@Fendi1 do they charge similar fees?

comparable-I think is 3% to cover credit card processing if I remember well

Hmm that’s not bad. Thanks for the heads up!

Here in Switzerland, you can have your flat listed at the tourist office where they have a paper list updated every month.
You roughly charge the same as with AirBnb, but there’s no commission and, obviously, tourists have to show up at the tourist office and ask for available apartments in the area.

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Have you used any other apps to list your property?

Flipkey is Nothing short of TERRIBLE! They’ve sent the wrong kinds of guests to me nine times out of ten. I only had one good guest enquire on FK and he ended up moving over to Air when I wrote cryptic messages to him hinting the place that starts with A is a much better booking platform.

I think FK charges guests up to 15% versus Air’s 12. They also collect the entire deposit in cash and hold it for two weeks after check out. Their customer service is all based in India.

I keep my listing up because it does give publicity for my studio but if someone enquired I make sure they know what they are booking before I take their booking. I had a FK guest this summer walk off the property with 10 days on his reservation because it wasn’t his idea of Hawaii.

It’s so bad let me count the ways it’s bad. It should be called Flop Key.

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Hermit is a great alternative i’ve been using (n.b. just London listings apparently). As a host, you have a small business use your home as their office space during the day, paying you a monthly rent. There’s much more visibility on your earnings, it requires far less maintenance and you actually earn more on average than I did with Airbnb… Worth checking out - i love it so far (hermitoffices.com)

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