Airbnb Alternatives and Competitors for Hosts

Glenn Carter, a fellow Airbnb Host and owner of the Casual Capitalist sharing economy website, recently informed me that many of his community members were asking how they can fill up Airbnb vacancies with non-Airbnb bookings. Having greeted several Guests via non-Airbnb platforms himself, he kindly offered to write a blog article for AirbnbSecrets about Airbnb alternatives and competitors for Hosts. To kickstart this topic, I thought I’d share my own experience in this matter.

Check it out! :slight_smile:



Wow… I knew about Flipkey, Wimdu, VRBO etc but had no idea there were so many STR sites!

Are they all mostly comparable to AirBnB in terms of ease of accepting bookings etc?

Each site has it’s own booking process and Airbnb sure is at the top of the list for that.

The problem is most of the sites mentioned are very US centric.

For example I checked out VRBO and they have no listings at all in the West of England.

Hi Helsi,

It’s pretty much impossible to list all Airbnb Alternatives. The best way for you to find local options is to Google something like “Airbnb alternatives UK” and to try to find the best options in your area.

Good luck!


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VRBO is US-centric - I believe that is how it is marketed. Their sister site for England would be HomeAway or You have to do some digging on your own to make choices that make sense for you. All three are owned by Expedia at this point, along with others.

There’s a new site called InnClusive starting up next month. The website is still being worked on, but you can already created a listing and they’re working on more functionality. It’s, and if you’re willing to use my referral link, it’s:

It has a similar layout to AirBnB, but they’re planning to add pet fees and a line item for local taxes!


@AirbnbSecrets in your article you say the following:

“In Europe, Airbnb terminated Hosts with multiple listings for no apparent reasons.”

Not true. The reasons were evident for all to see who read the news and in the case of NYC, explained quite openly by Airbnb. Airbnb is being sued by municipal and local governments all over the world for two things 1) operating illegal hotels and 2) damaging the market of affordable apartments. They have brokered deals with the equivalents of State District Attorneys in many cities to remove either 1) multiple whole house rentals by single host or 2) in some cities, all whole house rentals.

To say there is no apparent reason is a little disingenuous, no?


Thanks Susan - I signed up with your link - It’s almost identical to airbnb - so funny!

I know, we were discussing this on another thread. It’s still being developed. I get that they need to collect and provide similar information, but just because they’re trying to fill in where Air has failed doesn’t mean they can just do a copy/paste job.

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Haven’t seen any mention of which I find to be a great alternative and has even better exposure in the UK. After reading this article I did more research and this article points out that lots of the hotel sites are now taking VR and STRs which will be a great option going forward. Here is the article. Also, mentioned in that article is Homestay which is more for the rent by owner crowd.

Whereabouts are you based in the UK @StewartG?

And how did you come across the website you linked to?

It looks like a fairly new website, with complaints about BNB listings scrapped from other sites ie AIRBNB community forums.

US based but have seen the majority of UK bookings received come from Found the website via Google searching “Airbnb competitors” looks like page 2 but not sure what the results are like in the UK.