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Airbnb addicting?


I’m curious about other hosts’ experience with the thrill of the booking. My summer is now booked, in part because I have blocked out days between bookings to give my family a rest. I find myself wanting to open up days so i can fill them up with bookings. I just find it so fun to communicate with people from around the world and then ‘close the deal’. Not to mention seeing the money come in, and meeting new people. Anyone else know what I am talking about?


That’s great that you’re so excited! May I ask what your guests get the most excited about about your house? What elements of their experience do they especially appreciate? Thanks!


Hi 1chic - I didn’t know how to respond - I don’t know why my guests seem to love my place - and my reviews have been very kind. The toilet is under the stairs in a closet, and they have to come upstairs into the family area to shower - so my price is very low. I also try to compensate by making a very generous hot breakfast every day. I add little plates of nuts, dried fruits, etc., in addition to the eggs, meat, fruit and cereal. I just love meeting new people, especially from different countries. I think I provide a good value and work hard to care for them like I wish people cared for my family when traveling abroad!!


I feel it too!! We bought a house in April 2014, renovated it, and made it gorgeous. I get SO many bookings! The summer was almost fully booked by January, and now the autumn bookings are coming in. I just booked someone yesterday for a week in November. It is so much fun. I want to buy another house! :smile:


Wow! That’s great. I love the idea of providing breakfast for people. It shows that you care. And also, it’s obvious that you love what you do and people sense that. Thanks for the tips.


Yep it can be addictive!
So much so that we shall be accepting a booking that will entail us opening a room that is usually ours and move out of our house for 3 weeks, and rent a small room nearby!


I’ve been waiting to here if the baby arrived well and safe, and how they are doing!


Lol DCMooney.
Yes the baby arrived safe and well and came home for a few days.
Was sad to see them leave. They were a lovely couple.
The other guest stayed the duration as well and extended their stay!
So it all worked out well :smile:


Sweet! You should add that to ‘diary of a happy host’!!! We need more pleasant stories - I can’t be the only one having a good time!

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